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Summary: A list of the revisions made to the LokProgrammer software

Over the life of the LokProgrammer, ESU has released a number of software updates for the LokProgrammer Software.

The LokProgrammer software application also included firmware updates for the LokSound and LokPilot, as well as other multifunction decoders from ESU.

The current version is LokProgrammer 5.1.10., Released 18.03.22.

  • New Firmware 5.6.144 for LokSound 5 micro / LokPilot 5 micro with Next 18 interface: Fixes a SUSI-Initialization bug on decoders using Next18 interface: SUSI-Modules often did not work correctly.

Older Versions

Version 5.1.9

New Firmware 5.6.143 for LokSound 5 / LokPilot 5 Family: Fixes a SUSI-Initialization bug on decoders using Next18 interface: SUSI-Modules often did not work correctly.


  • New Firmware 3.0.12 for SwitchPilot 3 family. Support for upcoming Hardware Version 3.1
  • SignalPilot: New signal aspects for Austria and Netherlands added.
  • Added additional function button icons to match new Firmware 4.2.9. for ECoS and CS1R


  • New Firmware 5.6.142 for LokSound 5 / LokPilot 5 family: new CV 122 Bit 4 in general output settings enforces the slave communication at AUX3, AUX4.
  • SignalPilot: new SBB L Main signal Halt/FB1/FB2/FB3/FB4/FB5/FB6/Hilfssignal N/Rot/Ersatzrot Signal.
  • Bugfixes: LokSound 5 / LokPilot 5 family: Physical output configuration showed mapped outputs in gray by mistake occasionally.


  • New Firmware 5.5.141 for LokSound 5 family: Support for alternative flash memory IC brand used as sound storage.


  • New Firmware 5.4.140 for LokPilot 5 family: Support for new Hardware Revision 5.1 of LokPilot 5 Decoders using new CPU revision.
  • Bugfix: LokPilot 5 Basic - Read decoder data.


  • New Firmware 5.4.139 for LokSound 5 and LokPilot 5 family: New CV 114 controls the fade-in time for light outputs.
  • New CV 115 controls the fade-out time for light outputs.
  • New CV 131 can now define the brightness level of outputs if the logical function "Dimmer" is active.
  • Servo settings now allow the servo signal to remain enabled for each end position.
  • LokSound 5 micro E24 DCC renamed to LokSound 5 nano DCC.
  • Add Initial support for the upcoming LokPilot 5 Basic.

Version 5.1.3

  • New Firmware 5.4.135 for LokSound 5 and LokPilot 5 family
  • Bugfixes, LokSound 5 L and LokSound 5 XL decoders:
    • AUX15-AUX18 now can be any other light effect than Servo (before it was just servo output, now can be any logic level output if servo is not needed).

Version 5.1.2


New Firmware 5.4.132 LokSound and LokPilot 5 Family

  • Improved deceleration when constant brake mode enabled
  • ABC brake mode track voltage threshold reduced

Version 5.1.1

  • Addition decoder support added
  • Firmware 5.4.130 for LokSound and LokPilot 5 family

Version 5.1.0

  • Firmware update to 5.3.128 for LokSound 5 and LokPilot 5 decoders: new implemented, improved AC- and DC-Analog mode.
  • Support for SignalPilot (initial release).
  • Bugfix: Soundsimulator no longer crashes if sound schedule is incorrectly.
  • Comments are now also copied to and from Templates

Version 5.0.17

  • 5.3.126 firmware for LokSound 5 and LokPilot 5 decoders:
  • Fixes Servo issues in combination with ROCO Multimouse systems.

Version 5.0.16

  • Install firmware 5.3.125 to all LokPilot 5 or LokSound 5 decoders.
    • The new firmware improves the analog DC and AC running for some older motor types.
  • Implements a new TLS version so that the automatic update servers should now be reachable again.

Version 5.0.14


LokProgrammer software 5.0.14 will install firmware 5.3.122 to all LokPilot 5 or LokSound 5 decoders. The new firmware fixes some smaller issues and will improve the Ditch Light behaviour. Please refer to the release notes.

Version 5.0.13

Version 5.0.13 was made available during the Easter Weekend of 2020.

This was a maintenance release which corrected some issues regarding large displays and includes new firmware for the LokSound 5 and LokPilot 5 multifunction decoders

Version 5.0.12

Released March 2020

  • LokPilot 5 and LokSound 5 will be upgraded to firmware version 5.3.113
    • Motor current limit available, for coreless motors
    • Save function settings and speed, so locomotive returns to previous state after a power loss
    • Automatic Brake Control improvements
    • Updated sound programming options

Version 5.0.11

Correct issues with the LokSound 5

  • Soundcompliler
  • Firmware update to 5.1.101 for LokPilot 5 and LokSound 5: Zimo ZACK train numbers

Version 5.0.10

  • Bug fix to Sound Editor
  • Firmware update for LokSound 5
    • 5.1.103
    • Random sound function bug
    • Add CV 245 for automatic couple sequence delay

Version 5.0.9

  • Soundsimulator feature updated.
  • Read and Write Decoder data: Optimised for faster decoder detection.
  • Soundeditor: Default Size for Mute and Containers changed
  • Firmware 5.1.101 for LokSound 5:
    • Soundslot Settings: Volume goes to 255 (previously 128) for more volume.
    • New audio quality at 7.812 kHz / 8 Bits.
    • Modified SUSI Support for Brawa locomotives.
    • New light function: Brake Light will automatically turn on while braking.
    • Optimization for Zimo HLU for more reliable detection.
    • RailComPlus and M4 Master Decoder Synchronisation.
    • BEMF: CV116 can have values down to 25 for better control during slow speed. Small jump when stopping eliminated.

Version 5.0.8 Update

Version 5.0.8 of the LokProgrammer software was released in August 2019.

It featured:

  • Firmware update for the LokSound 5 decoder, updating it to 5.1.85.
  • F0, F1 to F3 can be defined for control by the individual or consist address
  • F0 also directional
  • Current Speed flag in sound editor for testing without speed table.