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The LokSound Select is a full featured V4.0 multifunction decoder, for the North American and Australian market. It lacks features found on the EU versions, with some sound editing capabilities locked out by the LokProgrammer software.

These decoders have been discontinued.

Full Throttle Mode

This series of new features includes Drive Hold, Run 8, Coast, improved Dynamic Brakes and a new Independent Brake feature. Sound Projects with this feature have an FT suffix.

  1. Drive Hold: This feature simulates a loaded or empty train by adding a single “Drive Hold” function button. When the button is pressed, the motor will remain at a constant speed, while the sound can be controlled independently from the motion with the throttle knob!
  2. Run 8: Press the button and the prime mover will increase RPMs all the way up to Notch 8 and hold. Once the function button is pressed, the sound is disengaged from the speed. Using the throttle, speed up or slow down with the sound remaining constant, at full throttle.
  3. Coast: Opposite of “Run 8”. By pressing the coast function button, the sound drops to idle and remains there. Once this function button is pressed, the sound is disengaged from the speed. Using the throttle knob, speed up or slow down with the sound remaining constant, at idle.
  4. Brake: This one is pretty self-explanatory – press the brake and come to a stop! By applying the brake, the loco will stop in a much shorter distance. As a note, one can do standing brake tests by keeping the brake on and advancing the throttle knob so the sound of Notch 4 can be heard. In EMDs this is the point at which the Shaft-Driven compressor reaches its second stage, and pumps air faster through the train line.
  5. Dynamic Brake: The ESU Dynamic Brake works like the prototype: Once applied, the sound drops to idle. Then (once the electricity dissipates from the traction motors) the prime mover RPMs will rise depending on the prototype. Most EMDs rise to about notch 4, other manufacturer's models will vary. Once the prime mover comes up, the dynamic brake fans will be heard. Releasing the button, the fan shut offs as the prime mover drops back to idle. After a short delay the prime mover will increase again to match the speed of the throttle. The ESU Dynamic Brake has not really changed much with the new added features. The new files will work better when consisted together and using the Dynamic Brake.

File:ESU-LokSound-Select FullThrottle Features-Description 01.pdf

LokSound Select

  • Dual Mode: Analog and DCC
  • 30 X 50mm
  • 21MTC and NMRA 8 pin connectors
  • 4Ω Speaker impedance
  • 29 functions
  • Sound: 32MBit sample memory
  • 1.1A


Firmware can be updated.

LokSound Select Direct

One size fits all direct replacement for many OEM light boards

  • 17 X 69mm
  • 1.1A

LokSound Select Direct Micro

N Scale multifunction decoder

  • 66 X 8.2 X 4.5 mm (L-W-H)
  • 750mA

LokSound L Select LokSound L V4.0

  • 0 Scale
  • 3A