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The LokSound Select is a full featured V4.0 multifunction decoder, for the North American and Australian market. It lacks features found on the EU versions, with some sound editing capabilities locked out by the LokProgrammer software.

These decoders have been discontinued.

LokSound Select

  • Dual Mode: Analog and DCC
  • 30 X 50mm
  • 21MTC and NMRA 8 pin connectors
  • 4Ω Speaker impedance
  • 29 functions
  • Sound: 32MBit sample memory
  • 1.1A


Firmware can be updated.

LokSound Select Direct

One size fits all direct replacement for many OEM light boards

  • 17 X 69mm
  • 1.1A

LokSound Select Direct Micro

N Scale multifunction decoder

  • 66 X 8.2 X 4.5 mm (L-W-H)
  • 750mA

LokSound L Select LokSound L V4.0

  • 0 Scale
  • 3A