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Plug-n-Play Decoders are designed to drop in place of the standard circuitry of a locomotive. Often replacing the lighting board for example.

N Gauge Plug-n-Play (PnP) Decoders

There are several locomotive manufacturers who have designed their equipment to make it easy to install a PnP decoder. Often a compatible decoder is made by more than one manufacturer.

KATO Locomotives

Most modern KATO equipment can be fitted with a compatible decoder from Digitrax. KATO also released their own decoders

KATO Decoders
Code Name Description
29-351 EM13 Motor unit decoder
29-352 FL12 End car decoder switches between red and white depending on direction
29-353 FL11 Lighting decoder for passsenger cars (needs 11-209 LED Lighting Kit)
KATO American Prototypes
Model Decoder
RDC Digitrax DN122K2, other?
SD80 SD90 Digitrax DN141K2, other?
C44-9W Digitrax DN144K, other?
RS-2, RSC-2 Digitrax DN148K, other?
SD40-2 Digitrax DN149K2, other?
P42, PA-1, E-8 Digitrax DN163K0A, other?
F3 (A+B) Digitrax DN163K0B, other?
C44-9W Digitrax DN163K1A, other?
SD70MAC, SD40-2, AC4400CW, (C44-9W) Digitrax DN163K1B, other?
SD80/90MAC, RS-2 RSC-2 Digitrax DN163K2, other?
Kato N GP40-2 & U25B Digitrax DN163A0, other?
Kato N SD50,60,60M Digitrax DN163A1, other?
Kato N SD40-2 Made in 2006+ Digitrax DN163K1C, other?

Atlas Locomotives

Both NCE and Digitrax make PnP decoders for Atlas locomotives. Lenz also manufactures the decoders that are factory installed in some of the Atlas range.

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