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Manufacturer: Atlas Model Railroad Co.

Summary: Atlas has been supplying track, rolling stock, locomotives and structure kits for a number of years. They also sourced DCC systems with their branding from several suppliers. Many of their locomotives came with a QSI multifunction decoder installed.

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Date Opened 1924
Date Closed
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Their current DCC systems are OEMed from Roco.

Older systems such as the Lenz Compact (introduced in 2000) were marketed under the Atlas brand as the Altas Compact.

Atlas has used decoders from QSI, Soundtraxx and ESU.


Founded as the Atlas Tool Company by Stephan Schaffan, Sr. 1924, incorporated in 1949. What began as a sideline business in the 1930s with Stephan Schaffan, Jr. manufacturing model railroad track components soon became a full-time occupation for the company. A factory was constructed in 1947 to serve the growing model railroad market.

Name change occurred in the early 1990s. [1]

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