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The Power Cab has an ammeter built in. It can be turned on to display the current used by a locomotive.

Note: This feature will not work if the Power Cab is being used with an external booster.

  1. In the lower left corner of the Power Cab keypad press the Program / Escape (PROG/ESC) key six times. Look for "SET CAB PARAMS"
  2. Press the "ENTER" key.
  3. Display will change to "SHOW TRK CURRENT 1=Y".
  4. Press "1" key to activate.
  5. Press PROG/ESC key two times to get back to the main screen.

The clock display will be temporarily replaced by the ammeter display. if you make a mistake just remove and restore power and start over.

When Program Track mode is used or the Power Cab is powered down the clock will be restored.