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General information
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The Power Cab has an ammeter built in. It can be turned on to display the current used by the layout.

Note: This feature will not work when the Power Cab is being used with an external booster.

  1. In the lower left corner of the Power Cab keypad press the Program / Escape (PROG/ESC) key six times. Look for SET CAB PARAMS
    1. Alternate Method: Program / Escape (PROG/ESC) followed by pressing the 6 key.
  2. Press the ENTER key.
  3. Display will change to SHOW TRK CURRENT 1=Y.
  4. Press 1 key to activate.
  5. Press PROG/ESC key twice to get back to the main screen.

The clock display will be temporarily replaced by the ammeter display. if you make a mistake just remove and restore power and start over.

When Program Track mode is used or the Power Cab is powered down the clock will be restored.

Activating the Ammeter function and Recall Stack settings