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Command Station:

Lenz: LZV100

Summary: The LZV100 has three micro processors for superior performance and operation, includes all the features of our popular LZ100 and includes an integrated power station that can deliver a full 5 amps of DCC track power! The LZV100 also includes our most powerful command station software developed to-date with features such as advanced queue management and an internal database that supports a roster of 256 locomotives.

The LZV100 also has the RailCom bit cutout hardware built in! There is no need to purchase a lot of additional system hardware or perform complicated wiring to gain lots of advantages through this advanced form of two way DCC communication. The final software for RailCom is awaiting completion of the NMRA DCC WG specifications and will be released as a simple software update in the spring.

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General information
Manufacturer Lenz
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Product information

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Firmware Upgrade

Integrated Throttle Buttons
Throttle Network XpressNet
DCC Features

Extended Addressing Yes
CV Readback Yes
Max Simultaneous
Consisting Methods
Advanced, Other, Universal
Max Consists 99
Max Switches 1024
Functions 29
Zero Stretching Yes
Speed Steps
Max Current 5


The Ground and R & S terminals on the LZV100 provide for logic, detection, and feedback from LR101s, LS100s , LB101s if those capabilities are implemented in your DCC system.

The C & D terminals on the LZV100 transmit the DCC signal to other LV power units connected to a system via the C & D terminals on those units.

The E terminal on the LV100/101/102 boosters transmits a power interrupted logical signal to the Command Station section of the LZV100 when there is a short on the outputs (J & K terminals) of an LV series booster. Short circuit detection/shutdown is internal to the LZV100 for power districts connected to its J & K terminals.


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