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Digitrax command stations use a coin cell to maintain the settings when the unit is unpowered. In time the cell's voltage will decrease and the memory will no longer be maintained in the correct state.

Interior of a Digitrax command station showing a pair of coin cell holders. Note the "NEG" indicating the polarity of the cell. The holders are empty in this picture

Digitrax has provided two holders for the cell inside the command station.

Only one cell is required.

When replacing a cell which is serviceable, insert the new cell into the empty holder, then remove the old, used cell from its holder. This arrangement allows the replacement of the cell without erasing your option settings.

See your manual for the type of cell needed. Many will mistakenly refer to this as a CMOS Battery. It is not a battery, as it is only one cell (batteries are two or more cells), nor is it made using CMOS technology.

Do not attempt this while the command station is powered, and work in a static safe environment with static safe tools to prevent damage to the device.

Dispose of the old cell according to local regulations.