FAQ:Reset a Digitrax Zephyr

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General information
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There are three versions of the Digitrax Zephyr.

  1. The original DCS50 Zephyr
  2. DCS51 Zephyr Xtra
  3. DCS52 Zephyr Express
  • Reset Process
    • To change an option switch (OpSw), look in the table included in the manual for the option you wish to change.
  1. Press PROG
  2. Press Switch
  3. Enter the number of the option switch using the keyboard
  4. Use the c/– or t/+ keys to set the desired state (Closed or Thrown)
  5. Press EXIT when the process is complete.
  • Reset Button
    • A recessed button is found on the rear panel of the DCS52. Pressing it will activate OpSw36, clearing all multifunction decoder and consist information.
  • OpSw 39
    • Setting this OpSw to Closed will reset the DCS50 to its factory defaults.
    • This also applies to the DCS51.
  • OpSw 40
    • Setting this OpSw to Closed will reset the DCS52 to its factory defaults.