Train Detection Systems

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Summary: Commercial devices available for train detection with DCC

Main article: Block Detection

A number of detection systems are available on the market.


See the Circuitron catalog for complete details.

  • BD-2 / BD-2HD
  • BD-3 / BD-3HD

The BD-3 is designed for DCC. The BD-2 will work with simple DCC layouts. The HD version is designed for larger currents. BD devices have Open Collector outputs.

  • DT-3 Grade Crossing Detector (single direction)
  • DF-1 Grade Crossing Detector with flasher (single direction)
  • DF-2 Grade Crossing Detector with flasher and gate driver (optical sensors)
  • DF-3 Grade Crossing Detector with flasher and gate driver (current sensors)

CTI Electronics

  • TB002-DCC Dual DCC Occupancy Detector
    • Designed specifically for DCC applications
    • Works with their Train Brain software



Uses a relay to open and close a circuit. Current Sensing design.

Dalle offers a number of accessories for the TRAK-DT.


These devices support LocoNet

  • BXP88 - Eight sections
  • BXPA1 - One section, with Auto Reverse, Transponding and Power Management
  • BDL168 - Sixteen sections
  • BD-4 - 3A, 4 detection sections, Can also work with resistive wheel sets.
    • BD-4 is not compatible with SuperSonic decoders.


  • LB-101



  • BOD-4 Four Sections. logic level outputs
    • BOD-4CP inclues turnout motor drivers
  • BOD-8 Eight sections, similar to the BPD-4

Open Collector

Open collector outputs allow for compatibility with a number of detection systems as well as logical circuits such as a computer.