FAQ:What do the Number of Beeps Made by a Digitrax Command Station Mean?

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Digitrax Command Stations will emit a number of audible beeps, which are messages indicating the status of the command station.

There can be slight differences between command stations, and the DCS210/DCS240 have additional alerts related to their increased capabilities.

If there are twenty beeps, the LocoNet may be overloaded. Disconnect the LocoNet and it should stop. The solution is to ensure that LocoNet is getting power from an alternative source so as to not load down the command station.

For details see

Main article: Digitrax Hints.

For a table showing the audible beeps for the

  • DCS100
  • DCS200
  • DCS210
  • DCS210+
  • DCS240
  • DB150


Main article: Digitrax Hints/Digitrax Audible Alerts