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Manufacturer: QSI Solutions

Summary: QSI Solutions (QSIS) was the consumer products affiliate of QS Industries (QSI) of Portland, Oregon. QSI was and continues to be the industry’s premier pioneer of DCC sound and control technology; as such it is the owner of more DCC patents than all other manufacturers of DCC sound components combined.QSI Solutions (QSIS) partnered with QS Industries (QSI) to develop and manufacture its large-scale decoders the Revolution, and later the Titan. QSI also distributes and provides technical support services for the full range of QS Industries (QSI) products, from the Q1a decoders factory-installed as OEM equipment in many models, to today’s Titan™decoders, the most advanced and powerfully realistic aftermarket model railroad sound and control decoders in the industry.

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General information
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Date Opened 1983
Date Closed
Device Types Mobile Decoder


In 2013 QSI became independent of American Hobby Distributors. From Model Retailer:

QSI Solutions, a subdivision of American Hobby Distributors, has been reformed as a stand-alone company.

American Hobby Distributors owner Tony Parisi announced the change Sept. 25. QSI Solutions will now rest under the ownership of longtime manager and product developer Joshua Shedaker, according to a release from the company.

Subsequently QSIS has gone dormant, and the Large-Scale decoders are only available on the secondary market.

Current Status

The current status of QSIS is unknown at this time.

The QSIS website website is still partially functional, but some sound files are missing things such as instruction manuals, etc. You can go to the groups.io forum and get files and software there: [1]

Q S Industries

QS Industries has a website at QS Industries which offers various items such as programmers and Titan multifunction decoders. Manuals and sound files are also available for download.

Quantum Programmer

QSI had their own computer interface, the Quantum Programmer which connected to the computer via USB.

Multifunction Decoders

For best results, a Programming Track Booster is recommended for QSI decoders.

Titan series for HO

  • Titan - A™ HO Scale Board Replacement Decoder
  • Titan - U™ HO Scale Wire Harness Based Decoder
  • Titan - U/W™ HO Scale Wired Decoder
  • Q1a Upgrade Chips Quantum Chip Upgrade for HO Factory Installed Sound Systems

Large Scale

  • Titan Aristo™ for Aristocraft G scale locomotives
  • Titan Bachmann ™ for Bachmann G scale locomotives
  • Titan USA™ for USA Trains G scale locomotives (via the Traintek Adapt-a-board, sold separately)
  • G Wire Receiver™

All Scales:

Discontinued Products

  • Quantum Revolution
  • Quantum Aristo/Magnum


QSI multifunction decoders can enter a sleep mode. If this happens the decoder may be unresponsive.

To exit this mode try pressing the F6 key twice in rapid succession. It may take several attempts before this works.


In Operations Mode Programming, there are a couple of issues:

  1. The locomotive sound must not be muted;
  2. Verbal Acknowledgement, CV62, must be disabled by writing a 0 to that CV.

These parameters are also true when consisting locomotives with QSI multifunction decoders.

Decoder Reset

QSI multifunction decoders can be reset by the normal methods, but will sometimes require a hard reset.

To do a Hard Reset (https://groups.io/g/jmriusers/message/192579):

  1. Place the locomotive on an independent, separate length of track. There should be nothing connected to it, electrically or physically
  2. Gain physical access to the reed switch
    1. This will require removing a hatch, the body of the locomotive or the tender
  3. Short the reed switch by connecting a jumper across it
  4. Place a 9V battery across the rails
  5. Disconnect the jumper across the reed switch

The locomotive's voice prompt should state RESET. It may take several attempts for this process to succeed.

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