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The DCS50 and DCS51 can display the following messages on the LED display, such as the Command Station message shown:

7-segment g 7-segment deg 7-segment acdfg 7-segment g

Some characters may not follow the conventions used by seven segment displays
DCCWiki.com DCS50 and DCS51 Status Messages
LED Display Message Notes
-br- DCS51 is set up as a booster -bA- may appear, meaning booster in Autoreverse mode.
-cS- DCS51 is powering up as the command station
cccc Current overload (too many locomotives in power district) Too much current demand from track
dIr DCS51 is in Programming Mode Press Exit to leave this mode
d nd Open circuit on programming track programming mode
d nA No acknowledgement from multifunction decoder on program track
d nr Not able to read multifunction decoder
Er L MU could not be set up Address selected is already part of a consist or in use by another throttle
FuLL All slots are full
HHHH Overvoltage on input Disconnect DCS51 from its power supply
LLLL Carrier Lost No connection to LocoNet when used as a booster, sometimes called 'Walking L'.
Loco DCS51 is operational and has no locomotive assigned
OPS DCS51 is in Operations Programming mode Press Exit to leave this mode
oooo Short circuit shutdown Correct short circuit issue to continue. Sometimes called 'Walking o'.
PAgE DCS51 is in Paged programming mode Press Exit to leave this mode
PHyS DCS51 is in Register programming mode Press Exit to leave this mode
PoXX DCS51 is powering off The XX displays the current firmware version
-SLP DCS51 detects another command station Two Command Stations cannot be on the same layout, one should be in booster mode
StLo Selected a loco assigned to another throttle Press the “LOCO” key to steal this locomotive

7 segment display labeled

By lighting the appropriate segments letters, numbers and punctuation can be formed on a seven segment display. Segments ABCEFG would form the letter A. To avoid confusion the letter R is formed by segments E and G.