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Starter Set by Digitrax:


Summary: Available from 2002 to 2011, the DCS50 Zephyr was Digitrax's all-in-one entry level Digital Command Control system. The DCS51 Zephyr Xtra replaced the DCS50 in 2011 and then the DSC52 Zephyr Express in 2019.

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General information
Manufacturer Digitrax

MSRP 179.99 USD183.23 EUR <br />160.32 GBP <br />272.02 AUD <br />242.82 CAD <br />
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Release information

Product URL External Product Link
Product Manual URL External Product Link
Product Manual File File Link
Year Released 2001
Year EOL 2011
Has computer
Upgrade Possible
Predecessor None
Successor Zephyr Xtra

Max Current 2.5
Command Station DCS50
See command station for additional features of this starter set.

Digitrax Zephyr (DCS50) Starter Set

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DCS50 Zephyr Specifications


The Zephyr starter set includes a DCS50 Command Station/Booster, a PS315 Power Supply plus the LT 1 LocoNet Cable and Decoder Tester. It comes with a 56 page Zephyr Manual and the Digitrax Decoder Manual, however no decoders are supplied with this starter set. The Command Station/booster also acts as a stationary throttle. It has a large speed control knob, reversing/brake switch, a four digit half inch display with four status indicators: track power, program, and brake LEDs.

The PS315 power supply (rated at 15volts AC at 3 Amps) is a plug-in transformer with a cord that plugs into the back of the Command Station. Also, on the back panel there are two LocoNet ports, connections for the track and programming track, analog power packs (discussed below) and DCC Ground. The connections are made by pushing a stripped wire into a connector then tightening a screw. The connector can be removed if needed.

A second Zephyr can be easily programmed as a throttle and booster-only unit to expand the available power. When the Zephyr is used as a booster it can also be set for auto reversing for use in reversing loops.

Connect any Digitrax or LocoNet compatible device to the LocoNet ports - such as throttles and stationary decoders. Please see the LocoNet article on how easy it is to make LocoNet cables using low-cost connectors and cables.

The DCS 50 console is small: 7 inches wide by 1.75 inches high by 5 inches deep. Allow an inch or two at the back for the power connector and wiring. The console is made of plastic with silver painted knobs. The 20 buttons protrude about 1/8th of an inch from the front panel and are spaced a little on the tight side.

The direction switch is convenient for yard use. It has three positions, FORWARD, BRAKE and REVERSE. With this one can leave the throttle knob at a desired speed then do all the controlling with the direction switch.

There is a Power push button on the keypad that controls the power to the track. When track power is on a LED marked "track status" is lit. This switch can also be used as an emergency off switch for power going to the track only. To completely turn off the power to the DCS50 requires unplugging the power supply.

The Digitrax Zephyr is an ideal starter system for a small layout or for a branch line of a larger layout. The cost of multifunction decoders continues to fall, so one should not have problems converting a few locomotives to get started. Also, should the layout outgrow the power capabilities of the Zephyr, one can connect additional boosters and throttles using the LocoNet connections.

Jump Ports

The two analog power connections (Jump Ports) on the rear of the Zephyr are an interesting feature allowing use of analog power packs as a Jump throttle which can run DCC locomotives. With the two ports and the Zephyr's built-in throttle one can run three independent locomotive addresses.

Zero Stretching

The Zephyr can also perform what is known as zero stretching, that is, it allows operating a locomotive that does have not a DCC decoder installed.

Additional Data

The following data augments what is published on the Web.

  • Power input socket
    • the input requires 15V (RMS) AC 50/60Hz (must not exceed 16V RMS)
    • alternatively, 18V DC may be used (must not exceed 22V DC)
    • the power supply requires at least 2.5A to meet the full capability of the Zephyr.
    • the connector is 5.5mm dia. (outer), 2.0mm dia. (inner)
    • for a DC supply, the centre pin is positive, the outer conductor is negative.

Digitrax Zephyr Xtra Additional Features

Main article: Digitrax Zephyr Xtra

Superseded the Zephyr (DCS50) in 2011.

  • DCS51 features a 3.0 amp booster.
  • Keypad controls functions F0-F28
  • Control up to 20 locomotive addresses at the same time
  • Supports up to 20 throttles at the same time
  • RECALL key for the last 2, 4 or 8 locomotive addresses
  • Dedicated MUTE key (for sound decoders)

Digitrax Zephyr Xtra site

The DCS52 Express replaced the DCS51 Xtra in 2019.

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