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This is new interface from ESU. Not much detail is known about it at this time. It uses a J3200 connector that was used on the iPhone 6's camera. This is not a proprietary connector, it just hasn't been through the standardization process yet.

It is mainly used in their multifunction decoders designed for N Scale applications. It allows a lower profile and more connections than the Next18 interface. The ESU 53900 decoder tester includes this interface.

It is found on the LokSound 5 Nano, and the forthcoming LokPilot Nano. Digitrax has announced their  SDXN1137E24 Series 7 DCC Sound Decoder with an E24 interface.


E24 Pinout
Molex 5050702422
Function PIN PIN Function
Track Left X1B X1A Track Left
P AUX11/SUSI Data 24 1 Speaker –
P AUX12/SUSI Clock 23 2 Speaker +
GND 22 3 GND
P AUX3 21 4 Motor -
P AUX4 20 5
P AUX10/Sensor 19 6 Motor +
VCC 18 7
U+ 17 8 V+ Cap
AUX 5 (Power) 16 9 LampF (Power)
AUX 6 (Power) 15 10 LampR (Power)
AUX 7 (Power) 14 11 Aux 1 (Power)
AUX 8 (Power) 13 12 Aux 2 (Power)
Track Right X2B X2A Track Right

Note: AUX3, AUX4, AUX10 - 12 are logic level (0-5V) outputs. All others are powered.


  • ESU Data Sheet. No warranties expressed or implied as to the accuracy of the table.

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