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Getting Started with Digital Command Control

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Components of a Digital Command Control system

  • Command Station - The brains of your DCC layout.
  • Boosters - Getting power and signals to trains.
  • Decoders - Includes both Stationary and Mobile types of decoders, the devices that make things happen.
  • Power supplies - Getting power from a standard electrical outlet to your booster.
  • Throttles - Control your trains.
    • Throttle Network - Connecting your throttles to the command station.
      • LocoNet - Digitrax's Throttle Network - used to connect various components of a Digitrax system together.
      • XpressNet - Lenz's Throttle Network - used to connect Lenz and compatible components together.
      • CAN Bus - The throttle network used by Zimo.
  • Layout Command Control: Use LCC to further enhance your layout.