Selecting A DCC System

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Selecting a Digital Command Control system can be perhaps the most complicated aspect of getting started in DCC. Hopefully, this article will get you set in the right direction on finding the best system for you.

Buying a Digital Command Control system is a big investment, both in time and hardware. Careful consideration means you will only have to make the initial investment once, with upgrades allowing you to leverage that investment. Choosing by brand and/or price may result in time that you discover the feature set is lacking, and the only solution is to scrap your initial investment and purchase another brand of DCC system.

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Which Brand of Digital Command Control Systems is The Best?

This is perhaps the single most asked question by people just getting into Digital Command Control.

The short answer: it depends! If you ask three people what the best brand is, you'll probably get at least four different answers - Some say NCE systems are the best, others argue that Digitrax is, while a third will say Lenz.  :-) Also, it's all too easy to pop into a DCC forum and ask this question. Keep in mind, no one person can know everything about every system. Every manufacturer will also have packages ranging from basic to complex as well.

"Best" is a relative term. You should start off reading manuals online, comparing specs, and trying out systems in person. Check out a local layout (personal or clubs) if you can find one. See what they run with, and operate a train under Digital Command Control.

Best for you is different than what is best for me. For instance, in a garden railway, the engineer will need more amps (bigger trains - more power). Digitrax's Super Chief Xtra (8 amps) fits the bill because of it's inital power output capabilites. Keep in mind, you can add additional power (boosters) to any DCC layout later. However, others like NCE throttles since they feel they may be easier to use.

In the end, we cannot going to answer this question for you, however, we (hope) to give you enough information so that you can make an informed decision to get the right Digital Command Control system for you.


In North America, Digitrax has the largest penetration, with NCE being number two in installed DCC systems. European brands may not have a lot of support in North America. (This is by no means a method to determine which brand is better.)

What do other modellers in your area use?

If you are part of an operating group, which is the dominant DCC system? Having your system compatible with others in the group allows "bring your own throttle" operating sessions.

Does your local Hobby Shop carry the brand you want?

Online Support: Are there mailing lists you can join for support from the larger community? There are brand specific ones, and in North America Digitrax again leads with more than double the subscribers compared to NCE mailing lists, with Lenz following. Other brands may have little to no presence on mailing lists. (Mailing lists usually are member oriented with no support or affliction with the manufacturer. )

Don't Go by the Specs Alone!

We cannot stress this enough. Don't simply go down a comparison list of systems to select the "biggest" or "feature full" list. Doing so can lead to disaster. For instance, some systems claim that they can handle 250 trains at the same time, but only 64 throttles. This essentially means that only 64 trains can run at once since most engineers can only operate one train at a time.

Or, perhaps you select the "biggest" system, however you cannot figure it out, or can't stand the throttle layout.

Follow the suggestions below to help you select the right Digital Command Control system for you!


Since this is a big investment, and changing systems will be costly as well, consider what expanding the system will cost by adding in any additional items you may need, such as power management, boosters, stationary decoders, additional control panels, etc. At the very minimum, price a system with several additional throttles.

This can avoid a situation later when you need to expand your DCC system and discover that adding a booster or additional throttles will cost a lot more than you realised. What may appear to be a simple upgrade could involve something costly, like a new command station. Also look at the costs of upgrading to a wireless system.

Try It

First things first, find some layouts around you that use various Digital Command Control systems and brands. Check out the layout of the throttles. After you "interview" them, be sure to write some notes so that you can refresh your memory between visiting systems and when you've test driven them all you can remember which was which.

One important factor: How easy is it to use the throttle with no instruction, just by looking at it? Can you use it with only a minute of instruction?

Here are some points to consider:

  • Was the throttle easy to use?
  • Did you like the throttle layout?
  • How long did it take you to learn to operate trains?
  • Control mulitple trains at once?
    • Same throttle & different throttles.
  • Did the owner explain how easy/hard it is to program decoders?
  • Were you able to throw turnouts?
  • Are the system components easy/hard to wire?
  • How upgradeable is the system?
  • Can you connect a computer to the system? How difficult is that?

If you cannot find layouts around you, review pictures of throttles and try to get an idea of it's operations by reading the manual. Also, browse any online manuals you can find for various systems to get an idea of a DCC system's wiring needs. Keep in mind, because a system offers a component that requires complex wiring, it's usually not necessary to use that component in your setup.

List Your Requirements

After you've taken various systems for a test drive, develop a list of requirements.

Read this article for more pointers and things to consider.

But, Which One Really is the Best?

Okay, so you don't want to do the research to find the best system? We'll tell you: Just kidding! You have to read, and do some research. Not only will you need to figure out what is the best system system for you, you'll need to eventually read how to use and program your DCC system. Don't get stressed as most manufacturers have support forums, or groups where you can ask questions that you just can't figure out.

If you read any of the Digital Command Control forums around the net, you 'll see this question asked everywhere. The simple answer is "it depends". Depends on what you think is best, not what someone else thinks is best.

Do Your Research!

Thanks to the internet, there is a wealth of information at your fingertips. Make use of the resource! Download the manuals for any system you are considering and read through them. Investigate the manufacturers web pages for information. Some manufacturers are pretty stingy with information online, whereas others are very liberal with how much information they willingly provide.

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