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NCE Firmware Versions

Command Station Firmware

There have been numerous revisions to the firmware used by the command stations.

According to NCE's website the PH-Pro, Powerhouse and CS02 can use the most recent version firmware, 3/1/2007c, released in 2011. This firmware will not work with the older Wangrow and NCE Master Series command stations.

To determine the version number, starting at the regular locomotive screen on your cab:

  • Press PROG/ESC five times
  • The display shows Set Cmd Station
  • Press ENTER
  • The firmware version should appear on the display

PH Pro / CS02 March 22 2021 Update

A new ROM with updated firmware titled March 22 2021​ was released in 2022. This is available for self-installation.

Wangrow or NCE Master Series are not supported by this update.


  • Support for new DCC time packet for simplified automation
  • Optional ‘purging’ of unused cabs to speed up system response
  • Setting of all 1024 CVs in any programming mode
  • Improved startup for Cab06 cabs
  • Ability to disable Momentum button on cabs

Bug Fixes

  1. Possible for two cabs to simultaneously create an advanced consist using the same consist address. In advanced consist setup when you accept the suggested consist address (or any other consist address that you enter) that address is temporarily marked as in use. This will cause another cab accessing the consist setup menu to get the next lower available consist address. If you cancel the setup process before a LEAD or REAR loco is entered the consist address is released.
  2. System, Macro and Consist backup would hang the system.
  3. 28 speed step mode commands from type C cabs (mini panel, etc.) were only sent to the TEMP Queue. Resulted in the speed commands being sent only 4 times. If a loco derailed or otherwise lost power it would not know what speed to go when power was restored.
  4. When using Program on the Main: If a loco with a long address below 128 was selected an asterisk was not placed in front of the address on the LCD display.
  5. The Cab bus 0xDB command only returned loco addresses 0-4095 correctly. Addresses in the range 4096-8191 were reported too low by 4096 and addresses in the range 8192-9999 were reported too low by 8192. The speed mode always reported as 28 and no differentiation between long and short addresses. This affected how the Cab06 and Cab07 reported the selected loco address. (This fix is also in the 3/21/2007B version).
  6. If Recalls were set to 1 a Cab06 would not react properly.
  7. When using the program track the system wouldn't program CVs above 256.
  8. The type C 'select loco' command (OP Code 0x00, data 0x00) inadvertently set loco speed to 0 and turned off all functions. This could cause problems with WifiTrax’ WFD30 WiFi interface and JMRI.
  9. If 0 was entered for the fast clock ratio the system would hang.
  10. On system power up fast clock was always set to AM. AM/PM is now preserved.

Pro Cab Firmware

When the Pro Cab is connected to the Cab Bus, it will display the software revisions.

For a Radio version (Pro Cab R), install the battery and press E-Stop to display the Radio version. If it has an external antenna, the version will be less than V1.5. Cabs with V1.5 or better have an internal antenna. Those versions appeared in 2008.

Power Cab Firmware

There are several versions of firmware used:

  • V1.28C
  • V1.65
  • V1.65B

If the system has 1.65 installed, it should be upgraded to 1.65B, as 1.65 has serious bugs which will reduce the functionality of the system should a System Reset be performed. If the Power Cab reports this version of ROMs installed, you should contact NCE regarding an upgrade.

The revision can be seen on the second screen as the Power Cab boots up.

Power Cab Address Ranges

The software revision determines the available range of valid addresses for additional throttles

  • V1.28C: The only valid additional throttle address is 3. Unofficially address 4 might be available
  • V1.65: Valid addresses for extra throttles are 3, 4 and 5
    • The NCE USB, Mini Panel or AIU also have access to addresses such as 8, 9 & 10. Following a System Reset, all extra addresses will be lost and the version 1.28C limitations will be applied
  • V1.65B: Same as 1.65, with the elimination of the system reset issues

These issues are also present with the Smart Booster having an address range of 2-5 for V1.28 and 2 through 7 for V1.65B.

Electrical Issues

Some Power Cab Panels (PCP) have an issue with their design and manufacture. They may require an upgrade for reliable operation with extra devices on the Cab Bus.

Update NCE Command Station with New Firmware

Firmware Upgrade NCE PH Power Pro Command Station