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Manufacturer ID: 113

QSI Multifunction Decoder Hard Reset

QSI multifunction decoders can be reset by the normal methods, but will sometimes require a hard reset.

To do a Hard Reset (https://groups.io/g/jmriusers/message/192579):

  1. Place the locomotive on an independent, separate length of track. There should be nothing connected to it, electrically or physically
  2. Gain physical access to the reed switch
    1. This will require removing a hatch, the body of the locomotive or the tender
  3. Short the reed switch by connecting a jumper across it
  4. Place a 9V battery across the rails
  5. Disconnect the jumper across the reed switch

The locomotive's voice prompt should state RESET. It may take several attempts for this process to succeed.

Reset Procedure

Reset must be done using OPS mode.

  • To use ops mode, disable voice feedback by setting CV62=0 (Off).
  • Set CV23 and CV24 to 0 to disable momentum

QSI equipped locomotives may have a reed switch and magnetic wand is used to activate it. Generally, a Programming Track Booster such as the Soundtraxx PTB100 is recommended.

Do NOT use a DCC Specialties PowerPAX!

Broadway Limited, Atlas and Lifelike locomotives with QSI sound equipped multifunction decoders use a different reset procedure. Check the manual; some use a magnetic wand for the reset.

If there is no wand open the engine or an access hatch to find the reset jumper. Remove the jumper and restore the track power. There will be an audible acknowledgment at the end of the reset sequence (usually 3 toots of the whistle/horn). Replace the jumper and test using address 3.

If a wand is used, locate the internal reed switch and place the wand over it for a moment. When track power is restored, the decoder will go through its reset procedure. To locate the reset switch, place the engine on active (powered) track. Slowly move the wand over the top of the engine or tender until the engine audibly responds, by a message.

Software Reset

QSI also has a software reset method, using the following process:

  1. Place engine on the main track if it responds to its address. If not, the program track may be required.
  2. Set CV49 to 128
  3. Set CV50 to 255
  4. Set CV56 to 113. As the decoder resets the horn will sound with 3 short signals.
  5. Test out the locomotive using address 3.

QSI also has some selective resets.

Reviving a QSI Decoder

A QSI decoder can appear to be "bricked," meaning it will not respond to any attempts to program or operate it.

Using a short length of track which is not connected to anything, short the reed switch (effectively closing it), connect a 9V battery to the track and then remove the short across the reed switch.

The decoder should respond with Reset.

If it does not respond, attempt three more times. If that does not cure the problem, the decoder is probably done.