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General information
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MSRP 290.00 USD
Summary: The DT602DE is a fully duplex radio version of the DT602 throttle. For locations other than Europe, see the DT602D model.

As all the throttle in this series functions are the same, full throttle details are located in the DT602 product page.

The DT602D and DT602DE throttles support full duplex radio wireless communications and do not require to be tethered to gain control of a locomotive. However, either a UR92 or UR93 is required to interact with the throttle over radio.

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  • Coastal DCC - $300.48 USD*
    • Qty: 1+, Condition: New, Update: Apr 13, 2024
  • SBS4DCC - $217.50 USD
    • Qty: 2, Condition: New, Update: Oct 18, 2023
  • YankeeDabbler - $232.00 USD
    • Qty: 0, Condition: New, Update: Feb 12, 2024