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Digitrax: DT602

Summary: The DT602 throttle series can simultaneously control 2 locomotives, create consists, set up routes, control up to 29 functions including sounds and so much more. With the soft On/Off switch and advanced power-saving modes, you can now operate longer than ever. This throttle is truly designed for maximum control of the entire layout.

All DT602 throttles can be used in wired (tethered) mode, or one-direction infrared to the layout. The DT602D and DT602DE (for Europe) allow full-duplex wireless radio operations when used with a UR92 or UR93.

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General information
Manufacturer Digitrax

MSRP 200 USD203.60 EUR <br />178.14 GBP <br />302.26 AUD <br />269.82 CAD <br />
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UPC Number 652667020206
Product information

Product URL External Product Link
Product Manual URL External Product Link
Year Released 2020

Firmware Upgrade Possible Yes
Predecessor DT500, DT402
Connection Details

Throttle Connection Methods Infrared, Radio, Wired
Infrared Requirements UR90, UR91, UR92
Radio Requirements UR92, UR93
Power method Battery, Wired
Display screen size 2.4
DCC Features

Can control stationary decoders Yes
Max Number of Controllable Functions 29


This throttle replaced the DT500 Advanced Super Throttle and the DT402 Super Throttle before that.


The DT602, DT602D, and the DT602DE (referenced as DT602 as all models function the same except for their communication method) is a handheld Advanced LocoNet Throttle from Digitrax. The DT602 can handle nearly every aspect of layout control. For a wireless version, see DT602D or DT602DE for Europe.

All DT602s are factory equipped with infrared capability. When a UR90, UR91, or UR92 LocoNet device is added toe the Digitrax Throttle Network, the DT602's can make use of infrared operations.

Additionally, the DT602Ds are equipped with Duplex Radio and require the use of a UR92 or UR93 to the throttle network if one wishes to use the throttles in wireless duplex radio operations.

The DT602 represents a major departure from previous Digitrax Advanced throttles, with a new design, simpler keyboard, and a larger 2.4" (61mm) color LCD display.


  • Advanced menu system
  • Built-in scrolling help and prompting
  • Soft ON/OFF switch, with zero power consumption when off
  • Advanced Display Power Saving modes for longer battery operation
  • Throttles are powered in wireless modes by three AA cells
  • Can use rechargeable AA cells
  • Available in standard tethered or Radio Duplex
  • Duplex Scan for available Networks and radio signal strength. Run without cords!
  • Replaceable LocoNet cable which can be removed
  • Dual throttle controls
  • Encoders control both speed and direction control
  • Full numeric keypad
  • 29 functions (F0-F28).
  • Function active/inactive indicators
  • Convenient step-by-step throttle option set up
  • Supports simplified decoder programming
  • Simplified 2- or 4-digit address programming
  • Over 9,000 multifunction decoder addresses are supported
  • Stationary decoder control, more than 2000 addresses supported
  • Fast Clock display
  • Recall feature
  • Advanced Route editor


The DT602 is available by itself or as part of the EVOX Evolution Express Advanced Starter Sets.

Settings and Options

This table presents the options available for customizing a Digitrax DT602 Advanced Throttle.

Applies to:

DT602 Throttle Options
Throttle ID# Option Name Factory Default
ID01 Ballistic Tracking:
  • On: Speed changes determined by rate of throttle change
  • Off: Speed steps increase per encoder notch.
ID02 Key Click ON
ID03 Duplex On/Off[1] ON
ID04 IR: Off disables IR capability ON
ID05 Fast Clock Display[2] OFF
ID06 24 Hour Clock OFF
ID07 Enable Fast Clock Alarm, with audible beeps OFF
ID08 Encoder LCD Wake. If ON the display is restored by turning an encoder knob. OFF
ID09 LCD Wake when a function key is pressed OFF
ID10 Expanded Commands; Acquire, control, and release Expanded Slots when ON.[3] OFF
ID11 F2 Key
  • On: Toggle
  • Off: Momentary
ID12 Spare 1 OFF
ID13 Duplex Power Down Time
  • Off: No Duplex activity for 5 minutes
  • On: No activity for 20 minutes
ID14 Duplex Receive Mode State[4] OFF
ID15 LCD Backlighting
  • 0 = Minimum
  • 6 = Maximum
ID16 LCD Brightness:
  • 0 = Minimum after hold delay
  • 6 = Maximum
  • See ID18
ID17 Keypad Backlighting
  • 0 = Minimum
  • 4 = Maximum
ID18 LCD Dimming Hold Delay, in seconds
  • 0 = No Dimming
  • 1 = 8 seconds
  • 2 = 16
  • 3 = 18
  • 4 = 23
  • 5 = 28
  • 6 = 32
  • 7 = 37
ID19 LCD Power Save Delay, in seconds
  • 0 = After LCD Dimming Hold Delay, the LCD turns off
  • 1 = 15 seconds
  • 2 = 20
  • 3 =25
  • 4 = 30
  • 5 = 35
  • 6 = 40
  • 7 = 45
ID20 New Locomotive Speed Steps[5]
  • 0 = 28 speed steps
  • 1 = Reserved[6]
  • 2 = Reserved
  • 3 = 128 speed steps
  • 4 = 28 speed steps; Advanced Consist Mode
  • 5 = Reserved
  • 6 = Reserved
  • 7 = 128 speed steps Advanced[7]
ID21 LocoNet Message Alert: If On, an audible beep confirms a LocoNet command has been received. OFF
ID22 Spare 2 OFF
ID40 Set Factory Default: Switching to "On" reverts DT602 to Factory Defaults OFF

DT602 FAQs

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See Also

  • DT602D - Duplex wireless version for DT602
  • DT602DE - Duplex wireless version for DT602D for use in Europe
  • UT6 - Smaller version that is great for allowing visitors to operate the layout.
  • UT6D - Duplex wireless version of UT6
  • UT6DE - Duplex wireless version of UT6D, for use in Europe.

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  2. A Fast Clock is used to compress time during operating sessions, for more realism.
  3. This feature is only available with a DCS240 Command Station.
  4. Increases battery consumption when on.
  5. This is the default speed step mode which will be used.
  6. Reserved, do not use this value.
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