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Installing decoders can be quite intimidating for the beginner as well as the advanced modeler. The following links from this page are DCC decoder installation instructions for a specific engine and a decoder. If you do not see your engine and decoder listed, you might want to browse pages that closely match your install.

When you get to installing your decoder, please take pictures and write up a guide on the steps you took to do your install.

The Guides


    • Remotoring the Royal Hudson. Conversion from a Tenshodo open frame motor to a modern flat can motor.

Rolling Stock

- None yet -- Please write one up.

Walthers American Crane - conversion to DCC

Stationary Decoders

- None yet -- Please write one up.

See also

  • Decoders - More information about what decoders are and their common functions.
  • Soldering - Tips and information on solder - may be required for some decoder installations.