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In addition to NCE, Wangrow's System One and PSI's DYNATROL also employed the Cab Bus protocol.

Cab Bus

There are two physical forms of Cab Bus wiring.

  1. The Control Bus or booster network uses a four-wire cable between boosters and the command station.
  2. Cab Bus connections between throttles and the command station or throttle network use a 6P4C or 6P6C RJ connector, which can use four or six conductors in the cable.
    1. The 6P6C is specifically for the Power Cab.

Additional Cab Bus power should be added every 40 feet, depending on the number of cabs installed.

Systems Employing the Cab Bus

Cab Addressing

Available Cab Addresses are related to the NCE DCC System in use.

  • Cab addresses 0 and 1 are reserved.
    • Cab 0 is the broadcast address of the command station.
    • Cab 1 is reserved for future applications.
  • Cab 2 is the Master cab.
    • Other Cab addresses allow modification a Cab/Throttle's capabilities.

When assigning addresses, leaving the range above 48 for Cab Bus devices avoids possible conflicts.

Power Cab

The Power Cab, NCE Twin and SB3/SB5 Smart Boosters limit the available Cab Bus addresses to ten. Software such as JMRI is aware of these limitations.

  • Default is 2
    • Valid throttle (Cab) addresses are 2 through 5
      • Cab ID 5 available with firmware 1.65 or better only
    • The Power Cab will default to address 2 whenever plugged into a Power Cab Panel (PCP)
  • Addresses 6 and 7 are reserved
  • Cab bus devices should use addresses 8 through 10

The NCE USB interface defaults to Cab Bus Address "3".

NCE Twin

  • Default addresses are 0 and 1
  • Addresses 2 through 7 are available for Cabs
  • Cab bus devices should use addresses 8 through 10

Multifunction Decoders programmed on Throttle A will be set to an address of 3. Those programmed on Throttle B will be set to address 4.

Smart Booster

  • Valid Cab addresses are 2 through 5
    • Cab Id 5 available with firmware 1.65 or better.
  • Addresses 6 and 7 are reserved
  • Cab bus devices should use addresses 8 through 10
  • Valid Cab addresses are 2 through 7
  • Cab bus devices should use addresses 8 through 10

Power Pro

Power Pro, PH-Pro, Powerhouse, CS02

  • Addresses 1 though 63 are available for throttles
  • Supports up to 16 Pro Cabs when using Radio
  • Radio Equipped Pro Cabs should use addresses 2 through 17
  • Other radio throttles can use 2 through 47, it is recommended to use 18 through 47 to reserve those addresses for the Radio equipped Pro Cabs.

Hint: Use addresses 18 – 49 for engineer cabs (Cab04/Cab05/Cab/06), keeping the lower addresses available for wireless Pro Cabs.

RB02 Notes
  1. Use addresses 2 – 17 for Radio-equipped Pro Cabs due to heavy memory usage by the LCD Display. All other wireless throttles can use addresses 2 – 47.
  2. Avoid addresses above 48 due to possible conflicts with Cab Bus Devices such as the AIU.

Available Addresses on the Cab Bus

Power Cab

  • Maximum of 4 cabs supported, on addresses 2, 3, 4 and 5.
  • Three additional Cab Bus devices are supported
    • AIU,
    • USB, and/or
    • Mini Panel

PH Pro

PH Pro / PH10 (Up to 2014)

  • Total addresses supported is 63 (2 – 64)
    • Includes any Cab Bus accessory devices such as the AIU, RB02, and Mini Panels

Pro Cab with Radio

  • Addresses 2 – 17 are available.
  • Intermediate radio cabs should be assigned to addresses 19 – 49