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Summary: Firmware revisions for the Master and Power Pro DCC Systems by NCE. As a rule, NCE only announces a major update to the firmware. Minor updates/but fixes can be made, but there will be no announcements regarding them. Once they have been thoroughly tested the latest versions are released to production. NCE always ships products with the latest firmware version.

How to determine the firmware version:

  1. From the regular loco screen on the cab:
  2. Press PROG/ESC five times to get to Set Cmd Station.
  3. Press Enter.

The first thing displayed is the command station version. PH-Pro / Powerhouse / CS02 - What Version Do I Have?

Firmware Releases



This was the first version of the NCE firmware used by Wangrow's System One, and later by the NCE Master System.



Released in late fall 1995, 11/29/95

  • Programming support for Accessory Decoders
  • Recall function expanded to six recalls
  • Function mapping for Bell and Whistle
  • Advanced Consist Addresses: 1 − 127
  • Can test for Locomotive in use
  • Command Station Access expanded. Access control now based on Cab address
  • Command Station configuration can be changed with ProCab. DIP switches eliminated
  • Fast Clock enhancements
  • Cab address range expanded to 63 cabs


Release 1/22/98 would be the last one for the Master Series (NCE) and System-1 (Wangrow). First firmware released under the Power Pro name for the Power House Pro. It would also receive an NMRA Conformance Warrant

  • AIU board support allows occupancy detection with BD20.
  • Accessory macros introduced
    • 200, with 10 steps per macro
    • Locomotive Macros no longer supported
  • Advanced Consist Aliasing
    • Address of lead unit controls Advanced Consist
  • Improvements in Cab Bus
  • Binary Commands for computer interface
  • Emergency Stop works in all modes

Minor bug fixed version: 4/19/99




  • Functions increased to 12
  • Unlimited number of computer-controlled cabs
  • Advanced Consisting
    • Improved and simplified
    • Consists can be controlled from either end with an alias
  • Operations and Service Mode programming improvements
    • Direct Mode programming support
  • Momentum controlled at the throttle
  • Support for:
    • Macro panels
    • Signal Decoders
  • Computer operations and programming improvements
  • Possible to backup system memory for consists, macros and system setup

A minor upgrade released as version 12/21/04



  • Playable whistle feature
  • Functions increased to 28
  • Clear recalls, selected locos of all cabs without resetting entire system
  • Clear all advanced consists without resetting entire system
  • Deletion or replacement of lead/trailing locomotives from advanced consists via Consist Broswer/Manager
  • Programming
    • Improved Operations mode programming of sound decoders
    • New NMRA Ops mode programming supporting accessory/signal decoders
    • Improved support for Signal decoders
  • Improved computer operation with new programming commands



  • Previous state for accessory decoders retained by system
  • State of all 28 functions can be displayed using the EXPN button (excludes radio cabs)
  • All Advanced Consists can be cleared without resetting the whole system
  • PC Communications:
    • ASCII commands removed
    • All communications must use Binary Commands
  • Selection of a locomotive with sound muted caused function and speed step zero commands to be sent, waking locomotive to confirm its selection
  • Programming: Broadcast Operations Mode supported.
  • Turnout control improvements:
    • State of last turnout number used retained for faster turnout control
    • Press SEL ACCY button twice toggles position of the current (last) turnout without the requirement to enter anything

A beta version numbered 7/10/2008 was used as a limited release test of the software. Never used in production.


This version of the software was released to production.

Compatibility issues with the new Cab06 addressed:

  • Addresses problem of showing correct engine numbers on the cab's LED display.
    • Appeared if the engine number was greater than 4095.
    • Upgrade to firmware required if a Cab06 is in use.
  • A free PowerPro upgrade ROM shipped with the Cab06


  • Cab Polling speed increases due to improvements in command station communication with non-display cabs



This firmware update will not work with the Wangrow SystemOne or NCE Master System.

The update improves functionality of the Cab06 only.

March 22 2021​ EPROM 5-Amp System Firmware Chip

  • Powerhouse
  • Power Pro
  • PH-Pro
  • CS02

Upgrading is unnecessary unless there is an issue.


  1. Support for new DCC time packet for simplified automation
  2. Optional ‘purging’ of unused cabs to speed up system response
  3. Setting of all 1024 CVs in any programming mode
  4. Improved startup for Cab06 cabs
  5. Ability to disable Momentum button on cabs
  6. Numerous bug fixes
  7. Other changes and improvements

The serial port's speed was reduced to 9600 (from 19200) bps for more reliable data transfers.