Super Chief 8 Amp (DCS200)

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Command Station:

Digitrax: Super Chief 8 Amp (DCS200)

Summary: This all-in-one command station & booster can deliver eight amps continuous power to track. It can manage up to 120 locomotives and 120 throttles. The 5amp version of this model is the DCS100

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General information
Manufacturer Digitrax

MSRP 305 USD310.49 EUR <br />271.66 GBP <br />460.95 AUD <br />411.48 CAD <br />
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Common Name Super Chief 8 Amp
Product information

Product URL External Product Link
Product Manual URL External Product Link
Product Manual File File Link
Year Released 1/2000
Year EOL 10/2016
Firmware Upgrade
Successor DCS240

Integrated Throttle None
Throttle Network LocoNet
Programming Track
DCC Features

Extended Addressing Yes
CV Readback Yes
Consisting Methods
Advanced, Basic, Universal
Speed Steps 28/128
Functions 29
Feedback Yes
Zero Stretching Yes
Auto Shuffle Train / Signal Speed Control No
Speed Steps 28/128
Max Current 8
Continuous Current 8
Input Power Waveform AC/DC


Included with the following starter sets:

  • Super Chief Xtra 8 Amp
  • Super Chief Xtra 8 Amp Duplex Radio Equipped
  • Super Chief Xtra 8 Amp Duplex Radio Equipped for Europe
  • Chief II 8 Amp Simplex Radio Equipped
  • Super Chief 8 Amp
  • Super Chief 8 Amp Simplex Radio Equipped
  • Chief II 8 Amp


  • Full LocoNet Capability
  • Run up to 120 locomotives and 120 throttles in command station mode
  • Provides additional power to run more trains in booster mode
  • Can be used as an Intelligent Auto Reversing Booster
  • Use with any LocoNet throttle
  • Read/Write programming with CV readback
  • Two DCC
    • Track Power
    • Program Track
  • Eight Amp Digital Command Control Booster to give you maximum power
  • Many command station options are user customizable
  • Auto resetting Over Temperature and short circuit protection
  • User selectable multi-scale operation
  • Track Status indicator shows voltage and signal type
  • Stabilized Track Drive Output
  • Over Voltage Protection
  • Auto shutdown if command control drive signal is lost
    • The layout will not convert to DC operation if a cable or connection is broken. The trains won't just "take-off" if they are not getting the DCC signal

Power Supply

Accepts either 50/60 Hz AC or DC input from power supply (sold separately).

  • Recommended power supply: Digitrax PS2012 or equivalent
  • Maximum input voltage: 22 VAC or 28 VDC
  • Minimum: 12 VAC or VDC.

Technical Note

About DCC Booster Output Ratings

Digitrax boosters have maximum output current limits of either 5 or 8 amps. The actual continuous output current that your booster provides to the layout depends on a number of factors including

  1. Input supply voltage,
  2. Ambient room temperature, and
  3. Air flow over the booster's heat sink.

Higher input voltages increase the amount of heat to be dissipated by the booster's heat sink. If the heat sink lacks sufficient air flow to allow for heat dissipation, the booster eventually reaches an over temperature state and shuts down.

A small fan forcing air across the heat sink increases the maximum sustained current output capacity of the booster.

Output Ratings

Each DCC company specifies the output capacity of its boosters according to their own internal standards.

Tests designed and performed by several model railroaders have shown wide variations in the actual output capacity of DCC boosters. In many cases these tests were designed to overload boosters to force a shut down.

Conclusions based on these tests is that

  1. Each manufacturer determines booster output capacity with their own methods,
  2. Digitrax tends to be more conservative in stated booster output ratings,
  3. The factor which is most important for achieving maximum output capacity is the booster’s heat sinking ability.
  4. Digitrax boosters demonstrate excellent heat sinking capability, with the ability to consistently deliver the advertised 5 or 8 amp output when appropriate fans are added in high temperature situations.


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