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Command Station: DCS240 Summary: The DCS240 Advanced Command Station lets your LocoNet System run up to 400 locos and 400 throttles. This command station has full read/write programming, route capability, USB connectivity, and the separate programming output allows trains to run on mainline while another decoder is being programmed individually on a separate track.

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General information
Manufacturer Digitrax
Check PriceMSRP 390.00 USD340.64 EUR <br />291.81 GBP <br />534.94 AUD <br />490.67 CAD <br />
Manufacturer Part Number
Common Name DCS 240
UPC Number
Release information
Product URL Product Link
Manual URL Manual Link
Has computer interface USB 2.0
Firmware Upgrade Possible Yes
Year Released 06/2016
Year EOL
Integrated Throttle None
Throttle Network LocoNet
Programming Modes
Separate Programming Track Yes
DCC Features
Extended Addressing Yes
Max Simultaneous Throttles
CV Readback No
Max Simultaneous Trains
Supported Consisting Methods Advanced, Universal
Max Consists
Speed Steps 28/128
Max Switches
Functions 30
Zero Stretching Yes
Auto Shuffle Train / Signal Speed Control
LocoNumberReadback No
Max Current 8
Continuous Current 8
Auto Reverse
Input Power Waveform DC


Important: This command station only accepts DC power from a power supply. Digitrax recommends their PS514 or equivalent power supply.


  • 5 or 8 Amps, depends on power supply and connection
  • 400 Loco Addresses / 400 Throttles Supported.
  • Auto reset over temperature and short circuit protection
  • Hardware EZ routes and Loco Reset
  • Integrated USB for Computer Support
  • Over-Voltage Protected
  • Auto shutdown when command control signal is lost to prevent “runaway” trains


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