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Digitrax UT4D Throttle.webp
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MSRP 135.00 USD
Summary: The UT4 series is designed for simple control of trains and their functions. Great for limiting access to advanced functions by visitors. Replaced by UT6/UT6D/UT6DE throttles. Requires UR90, UR91, or UR92 for infrared functionality. Requires UR91, UR92, or UR93 for radio functionality. Can access 9000+ locomotives, no turnout decoder control.

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Prices for: UT4D

  • Trainz - $144.96 USD
    • Qty: 0, Condition: New, Update: Apr 13, 2024
  • EngineHouse Services - $99.99 USD
    • Qty: 0, Condition: New, Update: Jan 26, 2024