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Digitrax: Utility Throttle (UT6)

Summary: Small throttle with a display screen and infrared capability. Requires a UR90, UR91, or UR92 for infrared functionality. On compatible radio models (UT6D/UT6DE), requires UR92 or UR93 for radio functionality. Can access 9000+ locomotives and 2000+ turnout decoder addresses.

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Digitrax UT6.jpg
General information
Manufacturer Digitrax

MSRP 115.00 USD117.07 EUR <br />102.43 GBP <br />173.80 AUD <br />155.15 CAD <br />
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Part Number
Common Name Utility Throttle
Product information

Product URL External Product Link
Product Manual URL External Product Link
Product Manual File File Link
Product Specifications File File Link
Year Released 2020/10

Has computer interface None
Firmware Upgrade Possible Yes
Predecessor UT4
Connection Details

Throttle Connection Methods Infrared, Wired
Infrared Requirements UR90, UR91, UR92
Radio Requirements UR92, UR93
Power method Battery, Wired
Display screen size 1.5
DCC Features

Can control stationary decoders Yes
Max Number of Controllable Functions 29


Replaces the UT4 throttle.


This throttle can operate wirelessly using infrared light in simplex mode. For infrared communication (UT6D/UT6DE), a compatible infrared receiver such as the UR90, UR91, or UR92 attached to the LocoNet throttle network is required. If using radio communication (UT6D/UT6DE), UR92 or UR93 is required. When operating wireless, the cord can be detached.

When operating in wireless mode outdoors, radio communications are required as infrared is unreliable and/or unusable when outdoors.

Among the many improvements over the UT4 throttle is how it's powered when operating wirelessly. Previous generates used a 9V battery nonrechargeable battery, and the throttle had no power switch. This version is powered by 3x AA batteries, or using Digitrax BP600MH battery pack that is rechargeable. There is a power on/off switch, so no more flipping batteries around to save battery life in previous generations.

The addition of the display screen supports additional features and better confirmation of status.

For duplex radio operations, see UT6D or UR6DE for Europe. The use of radio is required for wireless outdoor operations because infrared will not work outdoors in the daytime.


  • Primary or Extended addressing
  • Access to over 9000 loco addresses
  • 1.5" LCD Screen
  • Numeric keys to quickly select locomotives or turnouts.
  • Fine speed control knob
  • Forward/Reverse toggle
  • On/Off Switch, uses AA or BP600MH batteries
  • 29 Functions
  • Over 2000 accessory decoder addresses
  • Locomotive recall feature


The following customisations are possible:

  1. Ballistic Tracking
    1. Alters behaviour of the throttle
  2. Key click, On/Off
  3. Duplex RF On/Off
  4. IR On/Off
  5. Fast Clock
    1. 24Hr Clock
    2. Alarm
  6. Encoder causes LCD wake
  7. Function Key LCD wake
  8. Expanded Slots On/Off
  9. F2 Key: Toggle or Momentary
  10. Duplex Power Timeout
  11. Duplex RX On/Off
  12. Maximum LCD Brightness
  13. Minimum LCD Brightness
  14. Keypad Brightness
  15. LCD Brightness Hold Delay
  16. LCD Power Save delay
  17. Default speed steps
    1. 28 speed steps
      1. 28 speed steps Advanced
    2. 128 speed steps
      1. 128 speed steps Advanced
  18. LocoNet Message beeps
  19. Basic Mode
    1. Disables control of turnouts and track power.
  20. Reset to Factory Default

See KB1068 for details.

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