NCE AR10 Auto Reverser

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Summary: Auto reversers maintain the correct phase relationships between reverse loops and the main track

The NCE AR10 is a autoreverser which provides automatic phase inversion between a reverse loop and the mainline, using two pairs of wires, one pair to the main track, the other to the reverse loop. An LED indicates if the loop is in phase or reversed.

This device is for DCC operation only.


  • Automatically controls phase of DCC reverse loops
  • Provides short circuit protection for loop
  • Ready to run without any programming
  • Adjustable Trip current: 1 to 10 Amps
  • Easy hookup via screw terminals, no soldering
  • Solid State design: Silent, reliable operation
  • Status indication LED
  • Additional output for remote LED
  • Automatic or manual reset after short circuit shutdown
  • Adjustable short circuit response time

Trip Current is set via three DIP Switches. From the factory it is set for 1A, but any current from 1 to 7A is selectable, plus a custom trip point

Configuration Variables

There are a number of CVs which can set various options. The board also needs an Accessory Decoder address. These CVs are optional and do no require changes unless desired. The CVs support various options regarding startup sequences, short circuit response and reset times, etc.


The AR10 is programmed with Operations Mode. If your DCC system supports Operations Mode programming for accessory decoders, programming can be changed later without having to press the "setup" button.

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