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Command Station:

Digitrax: DCS210Plus

Summary: Command station / booster, is only available as part of the Evolution Express Premium starter set. Control up to 100 locomotives and 100 throttles. Includes a USB interface.

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Digitrax DCS210Plus.jpg
General information
Manufacturer Digitrax
Manufacturer Part Number
Common Name
UPC Number
Release information
Product URL Product Link
Manual URL Manual Link
Has computer interface USB 2.0
Firmware Upgrade Possible
Year Released
Year EOL
Integrated Throttle None
Throttle Network LocoNet
Programming Modes
Separate Programming Track Yes
DCC Features
Extended Addressing Yes
Max Simultaneous Throttles
CV Readback Yes
Max Simultaneous Trains
Supported Consisting Methods Advanced, Basic, Universal
Max Consists
Speed Steps 28/128
Max Switches
Functions 29
Zero Stretching Yes
Auto Shuffle Train / Signal Speed Control
Max Current 8
Continuous Current 8
Auto Reverse Yes
Input Power Waveform


This command station & booster combo is only available as part of the new Evolution Express Premium Starter Set. This unit is considered an advanced command station that uses LocoNet for it's throttle network.


  • Loco Reset and EZ routes buttons
  • Separate programming track so you can run trains and program at the same time.
  • USB interface built it.
  • Run up to 100 locos and 100 throttles in command station mode.
  • Expanded mode LocoNet capabilities.
  • Provides additional power to run more trains in booster mode.
  • Usable as an Intelligent Auto Reversing Booster
  • Use with compatible LocoNet throttles
  • Read/Write programming with CV readback
  • Two track outputs so you can run your trains and program at the same time.
  • Built in 5/8 Amp Digital Command Control Booster
  • Many command station options are user customizable.
  • Pushbutton Routes & Clear Loco Stack.
  • Auto resetting over temperature & short circuit protection.
  • User selectable multi-scale operation for N, HO, and large-scale layouts with custom voltage trim
  • Track Status indicator shows voltage and signal type (Digital or “Zero Stretch” Analog Signal for conventional operation.)
  • Stabilized Track Drive Output.
  • Over Voltage Protected.
  • Auto shutdown on signal loss to prevent “runaway” trains when in Booster mode.

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