FAQ:Having issues with newer Digitrax throttles, such as DT602D or UT6, only getting power using Loconet?

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For many of the newer Digitrax throttles, if you insert the cells into the battery compartment backwards, it will blow a fuse in line with the battery.

Use care when inserting the AA cells, especially when inserting the middle cell: It is possible to push down the contact tab, which can short to the PCB underneath and again, blow the fuse.
  • If the fuse is blown, the throttle will work when connected to LocoNet, but not on battery power.
  • If the throttle does not power up, ensure the cells were installed in the correct orientation.

TIP: Identify the cell alignment (i.e. the positive terminals) in the battery compartment with paint or a sticker, as they are hard to see. (Do not apply to the contacts!) This will avoid inserting cells in the incorrect manner.