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Digitrax: UT4

Summary: The UT4 series is designed for simple control of trains and their functions. Great for limiting access to advanced functions by visitors. Replaced by UT6/UT6D/UT6DE throttles. Requires UR90, UR91, or UR92 for infrared functionality. On compatible models (UT4R/UT4D), requires UR91, UR92, or UR93 for radio functionality. Can access 9000+ locomotives, no turnout decoder control.

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Digitrax UT4 Throttle.webp
General information
Manufacturer Digitrax

MSRP 79.95 USD81.39 EUR <br />71.21 GBP <br />120.83 AUD <br />107.86 CAD <br />
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Product information

Product URL External Product Link
Product Manual URL External Product Link

Has computer interface None
Firmware Upgrade Possible No
Successor UT6
Connection Details

Throttle Connection Methods Infrared, Wired
Infrared Requirements UR90, UR91, UR92
Power method Battery, Wired
Display screen size 0
DCC Features

Can control stationary decoders No
Max Number of Controllable Functions 12


The UT4, UT4R, and UT4D is the fourth version of Digitrax Utility Throttles. They are meant as a low-cost, easy-to-operate alternative to the full-feature DT series of throttles.

These throttles are obsolete but can be found on the used market and have been replaced by UT6/UT6D/UT6DE. They are compatible with current command stations and are still useful.


The UT4 series throttles can be used tetherless, or connected to Loconet. The UT4 features a long curly cord, whereas the UT4R (Simplex Radio) and UT4D (Duplex Radio) have a short, flat cable. The UT4 can communicate with LocoNet using IR. A suitable infrared receiver is required for both throttles to operate in wireless mode, this includes UR90, UR91, UR92.

For UT4R & UT4D, a compatible radio transceiver is required. This includes UR91, UR92, and UR93.

These throttles are designed for basic locomotive operations.

  • Primary and Extended Addressing
    • 0001 to 0127 (Primary)
    • 0128 to 9983 (Extended)
  • Functions F0 to F12 (F8 – F12 not available when using IR)
  • Select, Steal, and Dispatch capability

As they are designed for operation, they lack the ability to control accessory decoders or configure multifunction decoders.

Selecting an Address

Address selection is performed using four ten-position switches. Select the desired address and press the SEL key. A small status indicator between the pairs of switches changes to green from red, indicating everything is ready to go.

  • If an extended address was created in the range of 0001 to 0127, the UT4 cannot access it.

Steal and Dispatch Functions

To use these functions, it is necessary to unplug the throttle from the LocoNet, press the button, and while holding the button plug the throttle back in.


Consists are selected in the same manner as a locomotive: Dial up the address and press SEL.

  • The throttle cannot create consists



The large knob acts as the throttle.

Direction / Brake Switch

A small three-position toggle switch at the upper left acts as a combined Direction and Brake switch. In the center position, the brake is activated.


The UT4 will function without a battery, but for wireless operations, one is required. A 9V battery can be installed under a cover on the back of the throttle.


The throttle can be put to sleep when not in use. Unplug the throttle from the LocoNet, press a function key and then change the position of an address switch by one digit. It will wake up when it reconnects to LocoNet.

  • As always, if the throttle will not be used for an extended period of time, remove the battery.

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