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Manufacturer: RR-CirKits


Manufactures LocoBuffer-USB, signal drivers, block detectors, etc. for LocoNet, as well as NMRA LCC devices.

RR-CirKits FAQs

Q: How do I keep cats off my garden railway?

Cayenne pepper, sprinkled liberally around your layout, works wonders, they hate the stuff. It does have to be reapplied after it rains, however, eventually the cats will associate the pepper with the tracks and learn to avoid it.

Secondly, if you can get Lion Piss from a local zoo or find one that sells the stuff thru the mail, this is the ultimate of animal deterrents. Like the pepper, the urine has to be reapplied after each rain.

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Q: What does Large Scale, Garden Railways, G scale all mean?

These are all terms given to model railroads that are often built in an outdoor garden. Most use trains built to one of the Large Scales.

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Q: For my large scale layout, can I leave the power transformers out this winter?

It all depends... How severe are your winters? Are you in Tampa or Buffalo? What are the manufacturer's recommendations?

Anything electrical needs to be protected from the elements. Are the transformers in weatherproof boxes? Who rates them as weatherproof?

Heat, cold, and sunlight will accelerate deterioration of anything left outside, especially plastics. UV will damage any unpainted plastics, so they must be painted.

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General information
Phone +1-704-843-3769
Fax +1-704-243-4310
Email sales@rr-cirkits.com
Main URL Main URL
URL to manuals
Address 7918 Royal Ct.

Waxhaw, NC, 28173 USA

Date Opened
Date Closed
Device Types Stationary Decoder, Animation, Other