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Manufacturer: RR-CirKits

Summary: Manufactures LocoBuffer-USB, signal drivers, block detectors, etc. for LocoNet, as well as NMRA LCC devices.

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General information
Phone +1-704-843-3769
Fax +1-704-243-4310
Email [email protected]
Main URL Main URL
URL to manuals
Address 7918 Royal Ct.

Waxhaw, NC, 28173 USA

Date Opened
Date Closed
Device Types Animation, Other, Stationary Decoder

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RR-CirKits FAQs

Q: Digtrax and Indexed CVs

There should be no issues setting an Indexed CV using a DT402, DT500 or DT602 throttle with a Digitrax Command Station.

JMRI with a LocoNet interface such as the Digtrax PR3/PR4 or a LocoBuffer will also work.

Issues are found with the following command stations:

Do not attempt to write an indexed CV with the following:

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Q: Connection Issues with Digitrax Command Station USB Port

There seems to be some issues with the USB port included on recent Digitrax Command Stations, such as the DC52 (Zephyr Express), DCS210/DCS210+ and DCS240/DCS240+.

Connections to JMRI and other software packages running on an external computer may be interrupted.

Using a Digitrax PR3 or PR4 or a RR-Cirkits LocoBuffer-USB LocoNet interface is reportedly more stable than the internal PR4 built into the command station.

Command Station has Locked Up

If the command station has locked up, the recommended solution is to disconnect both the power and USB cable, then wait at least thirty seconds.

After the time has elasped reconnect the power and USB cables.


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