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Computer Interface:

Digitrax: PR3/PR3Xtra (PR3)

Summary: The PR3, which was superseded by the PR3 Xtra, is a device that allows downloading of sound files or reflashing the firmware of a Digitrax sound decoder.

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General information
DCC Category
Computer Interface
Manufacturer Digitrax
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Manufacturer Part Number
Common Name PR3/PR3Xtra
UPC Number
Release information
Product URL Product Link
Manual URL Manual Link
Has computer interface USB 2.0
Firmware Upgrade Possible
Year Released
Year EOL
Predecessor MS100
Successor PR4
Misc Details

The PR3 and PR3Xtra have been superseded by the PR4


  • Digitrax SoundLoader compatible. Programs Digitrax sound projects in to SFX decoders
  • Programs CVs for most DCC multifunction decoders
  • LocoNet MS100 mode
  • Mac OS with JMRI
  • Windows XP, Vista, 2000, 7, and 8
  • Requires a programming track.

It also acts as a bridge between LocoNet and a computer. It uses a USB 2.0 interface to a computer.


The PR3 is a Digitrax LocoNet device which enables programming of multifunction decoders, as well as updating firmware in multifunction decoders and throttles. It also functions as a bridge between USB and LocoNet, allowing a computer to be connected to your LocoNet.

PR3 Xtra

The PR3 Xtra was a PR3 packaged with a power supply. Otherwise, it is identical.


This is the initial program loader which is used with the PR3/PR3 to update the firmware in Digitrax products. Included with the SoundLoader software. Requires a computer running MSwindows.


Mac OS X 10.8: PR3 with OS X

Power Supply

The original PR3 did not come with a power supply, Digitrax recommended a maximum supply voltage of 20VDC. With the introduction of the PR3 Xtra, the voltage recommendation was lowered to 15VDC, in line with their included power supply.

For better results when programming, an 18V power supply is recommended.


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