NMRA DCC Plug for Multifunction Decoders

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Short Definition
Interface between the decoder and the locomotive's wiring

The NMRA DCC Plug is one of the standard plugs used for Locomotive Interfaces. It most commonly refers to the 8 Pin DCC Plug 8-pin version but there are other versions.

  1. 1X6, 6-Pin Plug, 750mA capacity. N scale or larger.
  2. 2X4, 8-Pin Plug, (typical HO scale plug), 1.5A capacity
  3. 2X2, 4-Pin Plug, typically found in O and Large Scale equipment. Four Amp capacity.

Also see the page on Locomotive Interfaces for more details.

Pin # Small (1X6) Medium (2X4) Large (2X2)
1 Orange Orange Grey
2 Grey Yellow Orange
3 Red Option Black
4 Black Black Red
5 White Grey N/A
6 Yellow White N/A
7 N/A Blue N/A
8 N/A Red N/A