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Starter Set by NCE:

PH Pro (5240001)

Summary: The Power Pro is an Advanced Starter Set from NCE, available with tethered or radio throttles.

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General information
Manufacturer NCE

MSRP 679.95 USD692.19 EUR <br />605.63 GBP <br />1,027.61 AUD <br />917.32 CAD <br />
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Part Number
Common Name PH Pro
Release information

Product URL External Product Link
Product Manual URL External Product Link
Product Manual File File Link
Has computer
Upgrade Possible
Predecessor Powerhouse Pro
Successor PH5

Max Current 5
Command Station CS02
See command station for additional features of this starter set.


NCE was a subcontractor to Wangrow Electronics, providing the software for their command stations and throttles.

The Powerhouse Pro was intended to be Wangrow's next DCC system, replacing the System One, but Wangrow declined. NCE decided to become a full DCC manufacturer and offered the system under their own name.

Early units shipped with a System One manual until a Powerhouse Pro specific edition was available. Later the name would be simplified to Power Pro.

Power Pro by NCE

The Power Pro is the only fully featured DCC system offered by NCE. It consists of the Pro Cab and a command station/booster.

The system was originally marketed as the Powerhouse Pro

This system is often confused with the Power Cab, whose throttle is similar in appearance. The difference is the Power Pro throttle offers more features as it is purely a throttle, with a standalone command station.


  • 5 and 10A Command Station/Boosters
    • Five amp systems feature an integrated Power Pro (or PB105) command station/booster
    • The PH10 systems consist of a PB110 command station and CS02 Powerhouse 10A booster
  • Tethered or Wireless Throttles
  • Expansion via Cab Bus

As this was intended to replace the System One, it has an RS-232 serial port for communication with a computer.

Walkaround Operation

The system is supplied with one Universal Throttle Panel. Adding additional UTP panels allows walkaround operation.

The CS02 command station supports up to 63 throttles (cabs).

Radio Throttles

The set can be purchased with optional radio capability, or this feature can be added later.


Additional Cab Bus accessories can add features. As the Cab Bus supports a maximum of 63 cabs, each additional device reduces the number of cabs supported.

A Control Bus allows connection of additional boosters.

Programming Track

The CS02 offers a programming track output for multifunction decoders. Older models (pre 2007) may require a programming track booster.

Other Features

  • Primary and Extended Address Support
  • Extended Address Range: 1 to 9999
  • Accessory Addressing: 1-2044
  • Functions: 29
  • Operations and Service Mode Programming
  • NCE signal support
  • Macros supported
  • Fast Clock

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