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Shinohara was a Japanese manufacturer of track components, including switches . The company wound down operations in 2018 when the owners retired.

Walthers distributed Shinohara track under the name "Walthers/Shinohara" for years.

Shinohara Turnouts


Pre-DCC Era

Prior to Digital Command Control, Shinohara made a power routing non-isolated type of switch.

They can be identified easily: Metal bars connect the switch rails, no gap before the frog, and the point rails have no gaps at the frog either. On the underside, it will have the Shinohara name cast into the tie, code, and size of switch. There will be no wires bonding the closure and point rails to the stock rails.

For DCC operation, the rails will need to have insulated joiners to prevent a short beyond the frog of the turnout. Check wheel gauge too, as out of gauge wheel sets may cause a short between the stock and switch rails.

Later DCC Compatible Shinohara Turnouts

As shown in the picture above, the early turnouts have no gaps at the frog. The later turnouts have gaps separating the closure rails from the frog and the point rails at the heel of the frog.

The DCC compatible ones will say that on the box. If you are not sure, look for the bonding wires under the turnout, the switch rails are not connected, and gaps at the frog.