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Multifunction Decoder:

Electronic Solutions Ulm: JST Adapter (51954)

Summary: Perfect for Athearn and other brands, this new 9 pin to 21MTC adapter board allows the popular 6 output 21 MTC multifunction decoders to be easily added to a favorite locomotive.

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Multifunction Decoder
Manufacturer Electronic Solutions Ulm
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Common Name JST Adapter
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More locomotives now have front and rear headlights with front and rear flashing ditch lights. To accommodate this with DCC 6 function outputs are needed. As 8 and 9 pin DCC plugs only allow 3 and 4 outputs respectively, this new adaptor board allows easy conversion to 6 function decoders. Four outputs though the 9 pin plug and 2 on solder pads.

Extra common pads and solder pads for speakers directly on the adaptor board.

1.5 Volt Lighting

As Athearn normally uses 1.5 volt bulbs, it is often easier to use the supplied resistance in the motherboards. This adaptor board includes 1.5 volt light resistance for the additional 2 outputs that do not go through the 9 pin JST plug. Solder bridges for bypassing the resistors if bulbs are not used.

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