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Electronic Solutions Ulm: LokPilot 5 Fx DCC (59220)

Summary: The LokPilot 5 Fx DCC is a function decoder without motor output and is perfect for installation in control cars or functional models. It shares its characteristics and also the basic characteristics of all other LokPilot 5 decoders, but is a pure DCC decoder. The LokPilot 5 Fx DCC is supplied in three variants: In addition to the 8-pole NEM 652 wiring harness, a variant for the 21MTC interface and with PluX22 interface is also available.

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Manufacturer Electronic Solutions Ulm
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Common Name LokPilot 5 Fx DCC
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The LokPilot 5 Fx DCC is a pure-bred DCC decoder. Up to 32 functions can be triggered. Thanks to RailComPlus®, the decoders register fully automatically at a suitable digital center.

  • Supports Primany and Extended addresses.
  • The LokPilot 5 Fx DCC decoder can be used on analog layouts.

The LokPilot 5 Fx DCC decoder detects the Märklin® brake distances, ZIMO® HLU / ZACK commands or the Lenz® ABC system. Braking with DCC brake blocks or with equal voltage is also possible. In addition, it also stops with a Selectrix® brake diode. Although this de-coder does not have an engine output, this is also important for a function decoder in order to be able to synchronize control cars.


The LokPilot 5 Fx DCC has been equipped with an astonishing number of function outputs. Each offers at least 10 function outputs with 250mA output current each. For the versions with PluX22 or 21MTC interface, 4 outputs are added for controlling servos or logic level outputs. Important light modes are available. The brightness of each output can be set separately.

The LokPilot 5 Fx DCC is designed for interaction with the LokSound 5 and the LokPilot 5 decoders: for example, it is possible to equip the locomotive of a multiple unit with a LokSound 5 decoder and the control car with a LokPilot 5 Fx DCC. Provided with the same address, both behave absolutely identically. The identical arrangement of the CVs facilitates the tuning of the two decoders.

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