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Electronic Solutions Ulm: LokSound 5FX (58210)

Summary: The LokSound 5 FX Function Decoder has no output and is specially designed for use in vehicles which require a sound but lack a motor. By omitting the motor, it offers all the sound features of the LokSound 5.

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General information
DCC Category
Manufacturer Electronic Solutions Ulm
MSRP 74.99 EUR73.66 USD <br />65.61 GBP <br />111.33 AUD <br />99.38 CAD <br />
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Manufacturer Part Number
Common Name LokSound 5FX
UPC Number
Release information

Product URL External Product Link
Has computer interface
Firmware Upgrade Possible Yes
Misc Details
Length 21.5 mm2.15 cm <br />0.0215 m <br />0.846 in <br />0.0705 ft <br />
Width 15.5 mm1.55 cm <br />0.0155 m <br />0.61 in <br />0.0509 ft <br />


  • 8-pin NMRA / NEM652 interface

The LokSound 5 Fx is a true multi-protocol decoder. The decoder switches "on-the-fly" fully automatically between operating modes. The LokSound 5FX can be used on analog DC and AC layouts.

  • DCC
  • Motorola®,
  • Selectrix® and
  • M4.

In DCC mode,

  • 14 and 28/128 speed steps
  • Primary and Extended addresses
  • Up to 32 functions.
  • RailComPlus®

The LokSound 5 Fx Decoder detects ZIMO® HLU brake commands or the Lenz® ABC system. Also DCC brake sections or Brake on DC voltage. An ABC commuter train system allows automatic commuting between two stations.


The LokSound 5 Fx decoder can play up to 12 channels simultaneously. Each channel can be resolved with up to 16 bits / 31250 kHz and offers hi-fi quality on your system. A 3W amplifier drives the speakers, 4 to 32Ω impedance.

All individual sound effects can be adjusted individually in the volume.


  • 6 amplified function outputs.
  • All important lighting functions are available.
  • Brightness of each output can be set separately.


Although the LokSound 5 Fx itself does not have an motor output, it still "simulates" one. This is used for synchronization with the motor car, in operation this ensures that the brake squeak takes place at the same time or that the lamps also switch the direction of travel at the same time.

58210 FAQs

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