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Multifunction Decoder:

Electronic Solutions Ulm: LokPilot micro Direct (54650)

Summary: The six function LokPilot Micro Direct Micro decoder was designed with Narrow Hood units in N scale in mind. A versatile DCC decoder integrating a full-featured 0.75A motor controller.

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General information
Manufacturer Electronic Solutions Ulm
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Product information
Part Number

Common Name LokPilot micro Direct
Decoder Core Features Motor, Functions, Lights, Sound

Product URL External Product Link
Hardware Information
Scales N
Connection Method Board Replacement
Length 66 mm6.6 cm <br />0.066 m <br />2.598 in <br />0.217 ft <br />
Width 8.2 mm0.82 cm <br />0.0082 m <br />0.323 in <br />0.0269 ft <br />
Height 4.5 mm0.45 cm <br />0.0045 m <br />0.177 in <br />0.0148 ft <br />
Continuous Amps 0.75
Max Amps
Voltage Range
General DCC Information
Extended Addressing Yes
AnalogConversion Yes
Speed Steps 14, 28/128
User Loadable Speed Table Yes
Back EMF Yes
Programming Modes Ops, Address, Direct, Paged, Register
Decoder Assisted Consists Yes
CV Readback Yes
Silent Running (HF) Yes
Dither Yes
Kick Start Yes
Momentum Yes
Function Information
# of Functions 6
Function Amps 50mA
# of Lighting Effects
# of Sound Effects
Programming Information
Programming Lock Yes
Decoder Programming Modes
Misc Items
SUSI Interface
RailCom Yes
Has computer interface
Firmware Upgrade Possible Yes
UPC Number


The LokPilot Micro Direct supports all programming modes. Because of its unique low-power design, the LokPilot Micro Direct can be programmed on the programming track of all popular DCC systems. No programming track boosters or other circuitry will be needed.

With the LokSound Programmer, programming can be even easier using a computer to adjust the many CVs and settings.


ESU offered load compensation (BEMF) since 1999. While other manufacturers seem to focus on the sound options, the LokPilot Micro Direct offers the 5th generation of motor control resulting in a smooth, precise locomotive operation. Even the best sound is worthless if the locomotive running is not smooth!

Regardless if you are using coreless or conventional DC motors, the LokPilot Micro Direct’s unique auto-detection function can measure the characteristics and adjust the internal settings. There is no need to fiddle around with many CVs to adjust to the engine. Due to Dynamic Drive Control (DDC) you can limit the influence of the load control and operate really smoothly around the depot and over turnouts, while on the main, when going uphill the engine prototypically slows down.


LokPilot Micro Direct Micro decoders have six 50mA function outputs. These outputs can be assigned individually.

All the important light functions are provided including an individual adjustment of brightness for each function.

  • Rotary beacon
  • Strobe and alternate flashing
  • Mars light
  • Gyralight
  • Ditch lights (two types)
  • Oscillating Headlights
  • Stratolight
  • And many more.

The Rule 17 dimmable headlight can be either controlled automatically or by function button.


With RailComPlus your locomotives will be recognized automatically by an appropriate digital command station and will receive a new address. Forget about the cumbersome typing and programming!

Forward Compatibility

LokPilot decoders are firmware updatable. This means ome is able to replace the internal decoder software with a newer version, if needed. An ESU LokProgrammer is required..

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