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Summary: List of Current Digitrax Throttles

All Digitrax throttles currently in production support infrared (IR) wireless communication. This requires a line of sight to a UR90, UR91 or UR92 Utility Panel. When in IR mode, these throttles operate in simplex mode, so they must be plugged into a utility panel to acquire a locomotive or steal one.

The R suffix indicates the throttle is radio equipped. R Throttles are also simplex mode, operating in the same way as an IR throttle. Radio communications require the UR91 panel.

The D suffix indicates a Duplex mode radio throttle. They function exactly the same way as a wired throttle. The first time they are used during an operating session they must be plugged into a utility panel, so the system can identify and configure the throttle. Once that process is completed, the throttle can by used wirelessly for any operation, including programming. Duplex throttles require the UR92 panel to operate wirelessly.

DT602 Advanced Super Throttle

DT602 Throttle by Digitrax

This throttle has a number of new features. First is a completely new, more ergonomic case. While very similar to the DT500 series, it has been completely redesigned, with a larger colour LCD and much fewer pushbuttons. For wireless operations it uses three AAA cells instead of a 9V battery, and features an On/Off button. The throttle has power saving modes, and will accept rechargeable AAAs as well. While it does have a cord for connection to the layout, it unplugs from the throttle.

DT602D Advanced Duplex Super Throttle

The DT602D features Duplex Scanning to find available networks and signal strengths. It does not need to be tethered to do join a throttle network wirelessly.


European wireless model with CE certification.


Also see the video review of the DT602D.

DT500 Advanced Super Throttle with IR Capability

All the features of a DT402, plus a Soft ON/OFF key, built-in flashlight, IR Ready, 30 functions, simplified 2/4 digit addressing, Cab Signalling, Transponder Find, Device Query, Input Mode, Fast Clock Display, and a recall feature.

DT500 Advanced Duplex Radio Super Throttle

Radio version of DT500

DT402 Super Throttle


All the features of the DT400 Super Walkaround/IR Throttle, plus, control of 30 functions (F0Fwd, F0Rev, and F1-F28).

DT402D Duplex Radio Equipped Super Throttle

Duplex Radio Super Throttle. Control 30 functions (F0Fwd, F0Rev, and F1-F28).

DT402DCE Duplex Radio Equipped Super Throttle for Europe

Duplex Radio Super Throttle, for use in the EU.

DT402R Simplex Radio Equipped Super Throttle

Simplex communications. Plugin to select or dispatch locomotives, then unplug for radio operation. Control 30 functions (F0Fwd, F0Rev, and F1-F28).


The UT6 Family appeared in late 2020. The UT6 is the tethered version with a UT6D and UT6DE being wireless duplex throttles.

The UT6 features:

  • Colour 1.5” LCD Display
  • Numeric keys
  • Forward/Reverse toggle switch with braking
  • On/Off Switch, uses AA cells or BP600MH battery
  • 29 Functions
  • Infrared operation with UR90/91/92 (All models)
  • Locomotive Recall
  • Detachable LocoNet cable and Lanyard

The UT6 replaces the UT4 series of throttles.

DCS52 All-in-one Command Station/Booster/Throttle

Otherwise known as the Zephyr Express, Zephyr Xtra (DCS51) and Zephyr (DCS50).

WTL12 All-in-one Command Station/Booster/Throttle/Sound System for Walthers' Trainline RailTech Train Set

Simple DCC system sold by Walthers. Similar to the Zephyr in concept. Fully expandable with Digitrax products.