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Multifunction Decoder:

Electronic Solutions Ulm: LokSound 5 DCC

Summary: The LokSound 5 DCC is a NMRA DCC only multifunction decoder. It does not support other command control systems.

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General information
Manufacturer Electronic Solutions Ulm
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Release information
Manufacturer Part Number 58821
Common Name
Decoder Core Features Sound, Functions, Lights, Motive"Motive" is not in the list (Functions, Lights, Motor, Sound, Turnout) of allowed values for the "Has Decoder Feature" property.
Product URL Product Link
Manual URL Manual Link
Year Released
Year EOL
Hardware Information
Scales HO, OO
Connection Method NMRA
Length 3030 cm <br />300 mm <br />0.3 m <br />11.811 in <br />0.984 ft <br />
Width 15.515.5 cm <br />155 mm <br />0.155 m <br />6.102 in <br />0.509 ft <br />
Continuous Amps 1.5
Max Amps
Voltage Range
General DCC Information
Extended Addressing Yes
AnalogConversion Yes
Speed Steps 14, 28/128
User Loadable Speed Table Yes
Back EMF Yes
Programming Modes Ops, Direct, Paged
Decoder Assisted Consists Yes
CV Readback Yes
Silent Running (HF) Yes
Dither Yes
Kick Start Yes
Momentum Yes
Function Information
# of Functions 10
Function Amps 250mA
# of Lighting Effects 10
# of Sound Effects
Programming Information
Programming Lock Yes
Decoder Programming Modes
Misc Items
SUSI Interface
RailCom Yes
Has computer interface
Firmware Upgrade Possible Yes
UPC Number


The LokSound 5 is the most important member of the LokSound family. Due to the combination of the digital decoder and the sound module on one circuit board we achieved the smallest possible dimensions of 30 x 15.5 mm. Therefore, it fits into almost any H0 or O-gauge locomotive.

A LokSound 5 DCC Micro decoder is expected in 2022, with a form factor suited to various N Scale locomotives.

These decoders are supplied blank to the dealer, who will install the sound file of your choice.

LokSound 5

All LokSound 5 Decoders are designed around a powerful 32 Bit processor and are improved in many aspects:

  • LokSound 5 Decoders reproduce 10 sound channels simultaneously.
    • Each sound channel features 16 Bit resolution with the 31250 Hz sampling frequency achieving HiFi quality.
    • Authentic reproduction of the prototype sounds.
    • LokSound 5 Decoders achieve a discernibly better sound experience.
  • Improved load control with up to 50 kHz PWM frequency and noise optimized motor control assure that, in future, coreless motors accelerate with excellent low speed characteristics.
  • For the purpose of controlling lighting and other functions LokSound 5 Decoders have numerous outputs. Can control RC servos / SUSI modules, if required.

True multi-protocol Decoder supporting all four popular data formats:

  • DCC with RailComPlus
  • M4 format
    • Automatic registration with modern Märklin® central units.
  • Motorola® and Selectrix® facilitate the operation with older central units as well.
  • All LokSound 5 Decoders (even N scale) support analog operation.
  • North American and Australian customers, the LokSound 5 DCC family features DCC with RailComPlus only.
  • Up to 32 functions, which can be assign any type of function and function button.
  • Three new adjustable brake controllers
  • Two-step heavy load simulation
  • Random functions that allow control of special lighting effects randomly.
  • Firmware of LokSound 5 Decoders can be updated to a newer version.

LokSound 5 DCC follows NMRA DCC Standards and only supports DCC modes. The Loksound 5 follows European conventions and supports additional protocols.



This manual can be found on the web from various sources. It is a large but detailed document.

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  2. Creating Sound Slot Templates
  3. Creating Random Sounds
  4. Physical Output Configuration / General Output Settings

LokSound 5 DCC First Look

ESU LokSound 5 first look. New ESU LokSound with expanded functionality and improved features.

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