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DCC Specialties: PSXX-ARSC

Summary: Short Circuit protection, Automatic Phase Inversion, Block Occupancy Detection and an Accessory Decoder in one device.

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General information
DCC Category
Manufacturer DCC Specialties
MSRP 99.95 USD101.75 EUR <br />89.03 GBP <br />151.05 AUD <br />134.84 CAD <br />
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Manufacturer Part Number
Common Name
UPC Number
Release information

Year Released 1/2023
Has computer interface
Firmware Upgrade Possible Yes
Misc Details


This is the same as the PSXX-AR, with accessory outputs to control twin coil switch motors.


  • 100% Solid State circuitry
  • Automatic Circuit breaker
  • Reverse sections can be operated using automatic phase inversion
  • Automatically control turnouts at the entry to a reverse loop
  • Accessory decoder for turnout motors:
    • Kato
    • Peco
    • Atlas
  • Block detection
  • Network Status Feedback
  • LocoNet, Cab Bus, ESU ECoS, and XpressNet interfaces.
  • Outputs for LED Indicators
  • Four Indicator LEDs on the board
  • Select Trip current values 1 – 10A using CV 49
  • Jumper Selectable Current limits
  • Power On/Off by the throttle!
  • Manual or Automatic Reset
  • Adaptive Load Reset
  • Auto Stop with DCC Reset
  • Block Detection
  • Power Up Status is programmable
  • Output for Audible Alert
  • Flash Programmable: The PSXX firmware can be updated


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