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Starter Set by Digitrax:

Big Boy

Summary: The Digitrax Big Boy and Big Boy FX starter sets consisted of a DT200 throttle, DB100a booster, with an LA1 or LA2 LocoNet Adapter. It also shipped with a multifunction decoder.

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General information
Manufacturer Digitrax
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Year Released 1994
Year EOL 1998
See command station for additional features of this starter set.

Big Boy Features

Command Station

The DT200 is a combination DCC Command Station and Throttle. It can operate either as the command station on a LocoNet system or as an advanced throttle on LocoNet when another device is acting as the command station.

System Features

  • Digitrax LocoNet network forms a simple, reliable interconnect between all Digitrax Command Control System components using extremely reliable and convenient gold plated RJ12 6 pin modular telephone jacks.
  • Control up to 127 locomotives (126 DCC plus 1 Analog)
  • Built in programmer allows programming each individual decoder's acceleration, deceleration, start-voltage, mid-point voltage, loadable speed table, etc.
  • 128 speed step operation. Select 14, 28, or 128 speed steps for individual decoders.
  • LCD display & LED indicators show throttle status at a glance
  • Use knobs or buttons to control speed and select addresses.
  • Encoders give incredibly fine speed control. When selecting another locomotive, the knob position does not change the speed of that loco.
  • UniVersal Consisting lets you use any DCC decoder for consisting. You can even include an analog loco in a consist.
  • Add or delete locos from MU lash-ups.
  • Run locomotives within a consist in any direction: Head to head or tail to tail.
  • Control directional lighting and four additional function outputs from the keypad.
  • Control up to 127 turnouts from the keypad.

Big Boy FAQs

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