Evolution Advanced (EVO)

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Starter Set by Digitrax:

Evolution Advanced (EVO)

Summary: The EVO Evolution Advanced is a current full featured starter set from Digitrax. It features a booster with 5 and 8A capability.

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General information
Manufacturer Digitrax

MSRP 450.00 USD458.10 EUR <br />400.82 GBP <br />680.09 AUD <br />607.10 CAD <br />
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Part Number
Common Name Evolution Advanced
Release information

Product URL External Product Link
Product Manual URL External Product Link
Has computer
Upgrade Possible
Predecessor Super Chief Xtra
Successor EVOX

Max Current 8
Command Station DCS210Plus
See command station for additional features of this starter set.


This product has been replaced by the Evolution Express Advanced 5A/8A Starter Set (EVOX) and is no longer available.

The EVO Evolution Advanced and Evolution Advanced Duplex has been retired.


The Evolution Advanced is suitable for home and club layouts.

Command Station/Booster

DCS210, with autoreverse The DCS210 is only available with the Evolution Advanced set. It is not sold separately.

  • Up to 100 locomotives addresses
  • Up to 100 throttles supported
  • Routes
  • Multi-Format command station
  • Upgradable software
  • Three LocoNet ports



Supports 2 digit (0-127), or 4 digit (>9000 addresses) >2000 stationary decoder addresses available


  • Universal
  • Advanced
  • Basic
  • Nested Consisting available


Two track outputs:

  • Rail A and B for normal operation
  • Programming Track
    • Programming track can also be used for a braking section, with an additional booster
      • Read and Write CVs
      • Paged, Direct, Register and Ops Mode


The DCS210 supports 5 or 8A of output current. For 8A operation an optional PS2012 power supply is required. Voltage can be set appropriately for your scale (0/G, H0, N), as well as custom voltages.


DT500 "super LocoNet throttle"

  • Dual throttles
  • Supports 30 functions (F1-28, F0Fwd/F0Rev)
  • Numeric keypad
  • LCD display
  • Infrared ready (with an optional UR90)
  • Transponding and cab signalling capabilities

Also Included

UP5 Universal Panel Power Supply LT1 decoder and LocoNet tester Manuals

Evolution Advanced Duplex

The Evolution Advanced is the wireless throttle version of the Evolution Advanced. Approved versions are available for sale outside of North America.

It shares many of the same features as the tethered version.


DT500D Duplex radio throttle

  • Includes UR92 Duplex Transceiver Panel

Further Reading

Digitrax Web Site


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