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Digitrax: DT200

Summary: The DT200 shipped with the Digitrax Big Boy DCC system in 1994. The DT200 functioned as both command station and throttle, and introduced LocoNet as Digitrax's throttle network.

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General information
Manufacturer Digitrax
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Release information

Year Released 1994
Year EOL 1998
Predecessor DT100
Successor DT300
Connection Details

Throttle Connection Methods Wired
Display screen size 2.4
DCC Features


Second DCC system by Digitrax. First to feature LocoNet.

Big Boy set featured the DB100 and DB200 boosters.


The DT200 is a handheld command station/throttle that shipped with the Digtrax Big Box set in 1994.

The throttle portion will work with any Digitrax DCC System when connected via LocoNet. If a command station is present, it will function only as a throttle.

The throttle is very basic, with two throttle knobs, eight buttons, and an LCD display. When connected to a command station it is functionally equivalent to the DT100 throttle.

DT200 FAQs

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