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LokSound is the brand name for ESU's decoders.

The LokSound decoders are very advanced sound decoders, and are found as the OEM decoder in many locomotives.



LokSound 5 Series

LokSound 5 DCC
  • North American DCC only decoder
  • Dimensions 30 mm x 15.5 mm.
  • RailComPlus
  • 14 functions are available
  • Current Output: 1.5A
LokSound 5 Micro

Smaller decoder for N scale applications: 21 X 10mm, nine functions, and 750mA output. Next18 interface, with adapter cable included

LokSound 5 L

Large scale (0) decoder: 51 mm x 25.5 mm

  • RailComPlus
  • 3A
  • 17 function outputs
  • two RC servos supported .
  • Dual power amplifier can drive two speakers
  • Integrated PowerPack,
  • Pin headers and a matching adapter board
LokSound 5

Includes speaker and enclosure

LokSound 5 Micro

21 mm x 10 mm

Includes speaker and enclosure

LokSound 5 L

51mm x 25.5mm Suitable for applications where an XL will not fit, or isn't required.

LokSound 5 XL

Large gauge: G and 1

  • 55 mm x 41 mm
  • 4A
  • 19 outputs
  • 4 RC servos supported
  • integrated PowerPack
  • screw terminals
  • Pin headers for Gauge 1 installations

LokSound 5 / LokSound 5 DCC Features

  • Ten audio channels supported simultaneously with 16 bit resolution and 31250 Hertz sampling. Three watt Class D amplifier, 4 to 32Ω speaker impedance, 128MBit storage for audio samples.
  • PluX22 or 21MTC interfaces available, these include 4 additional function connections for servo control or logic level signals
  • Light intensity can be adjusted
  • Compatible with Roco, Krios and Telex couplers
  • Includes features from the LokSound Select and V4 decoders.
  • Improved Motor Control
  1. PWM Drive Frequency adjustable from 10 to 50kHz
  2. AutoTune
  3. Up to 10 CVs available for motor profiling.

The LokSound 5 decoder recognizes Marklin braking distances, Zimo HLU brake commands or the Lenz ABC system. Braking with DCC brake modules or DC voltage is also possible. Also stops with a Selectrix brake diode. An automatic ABC shuttle allows automatic commuting between two stations.

LokSound Select

  • Dual Mode: Analog and DCC
  • 30 X 50mm
  • 21MTC and NMRA 8 pin connectors
  • 4Ω Speaker impedance
  • 29 functions
  • Sound: 32MBit sample memory
  • 1.1A

RailComPlus Firmware can be updated

LokSound Select Direct

One size fits all direct replacement for many OEM light boards

  • 17 X 69mm
  • 1.1A
LokSound Select Direct Micro

N Scale decoder

  • 66 X 8.2 X 4.5 mm (L-W-H)
  • 750mA
LokSound L Select LokSound L V4.0

0 Scale 3A

LokSound V4.0

Come with speakers

  • 40kHz drive, adjustable
  • 10 bit A/D converter
  • Dynamic Drive Control
  • 1.1A

32 bit, 8 channels


4 functions supported
Coupling and uncoupling

  • Firmware can be updated
LokSound Micro

N Scale decoder

LokSound XL V4.0
  • 51 X 40mm
  • 28 functions
  • 4A
LokSound V4.0 M4

Supports the M4 mode in addition to the other command control modes 1.1A

LokSound Full Throttle Diesel Features

  • Drive Hold
  • Run 8
  • Coast
  • Brake
  • Dynamic Brake

Important Notes

As this information is what is supplied by the manufacturer, it is by no means complete or accurate. See the manufacturers web site for full details.