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Manufacturer: Lenz

Summary: Manufacturer of DCC equipment including command stations, throttles, stationary and mobile decoders

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General information
Phone +49-0-6403 900 133
Fax +49-0-6403 900 155
Main URL Main URL
URL to manuals
Address Lenz Elektronik GmbH · Hüttenbergstrasse 29 · D 35398 Gießen
Date Opened
Date Closed
Device Types Booster, Command Station, Mobile Decoder, Power Supply, Stationary Decoder, Throttle

Lenz Germany

Lenz Electronik Website, in German

Lenz Electronic GmBH has been sold. Modelleisenbahngesellschaft mbH

Lenz in North America

Lenz is no longer active in the North American market.
Should you need service, the only authorized Lenz service centre for North America was TLA Custom Models. Accessory Pathways has assumed the role. They have the necessary software to upgrade Lenz equipment to V3.6.


  • Lenz was represented in the US by Tried and True Trains (Debbie Ames) from 1995 to 2012. As of 2012, TTT closed when the owners retired.
  • American Hobby Distributors then became the only authorized Lenz wholesaler in North America.
  • In 1997, TLA Custom Models became the warranty/service centre for Lenz products, as well as providing support for Canada. As of 2013, TLA Custom Models became the support centre for all of North America.
  • North American support is now through Accessory Pathways

Lenz and the Development of the NMRA's Digital Command Control

When the NMRA set up its Command Control Working Group, an early decision was to forego the analog technology available and focus exclusively on digital technology. The WG requested samples of command control systems using digital techniques from a number of manufacturers for the purpose of evaluating the technology. A few manufacturers did participate, notably Marklin, with its Digital= System. After evaluating the submissions, the WG determined that the signaling technique used by Digital= was suited to the application. The WG then built their DCC protocol around the concept of using a combined power + data signal.

After settling on a data transmission method and basic protocol, the NMRA contacted Lenz, the contractor who developed Marklin's command control system. The NMRA cannot, and will not, incorporate any patented technologies or commercial products into an NMRA standard. Lenz reviewed the draft standard and indicated that the proposed DCC protocol did not infringe on any patents held by Lenz.

In fact, the proposed DCC protocol was significantly different than that of the Lenz system, and added numerous features and provisions for future enhancements.

Lenz Digital Plus Product Line

The main product is Lenz's Digital Plus. This is their Digital Command Control system. Lenz also produces a variety of DCC components and accessories. Please note that not all Lenz command control products are NMRA Digital Command Control compliant products.

Lenz is an electronics company, whose involvement in command control began in the 1980s as a contractor to Marklin.

In the early 2000s, Lenz decided to rename their products from Set 01 and Set 02 to Set 90 and Set 100 respectively. The throttles are almost identical to the older ones in Set 01 and Set 02. The electronics and software are much improved in the Set 90 and Set 100. The product names are derived from the throttle included in the set, an LH90 or LH100. The separate command station and booster combination have been replaced by an integrated command station/booster. The new unit also included RailCom and improved response times on large layouts with multiple locomotives in operation.

Lenz warranties their Digital Command Control products for 6 years.

Starter Sets

The current starter set is as follows:

  • Set101 (2019)

The Set100 is no longer in production.


LZV200 command station, 5A

  • Integrated USB port
    • Updates can be made using a USB memory stick
    • Computer connection
  • Global RailCom detector
    • CVs can be read during operation with LRC120 display unit and RailCom enabled decoders.
    • RailCom feature is activated at the factory
  • Internal memory retention cell is now a replaceable CR2450
  • Accessory address space expanded to 1 to 2048 addresses

LH101 controller/throttle

Club Modes
  • Club Mode 1: Only the acquired locomotive can be controlled, functions assigned to the function keys A, B and C can be switched, switches and signals can be switched. All other operating options of the LH01 are locked.
  • Club Mode 2: Only the acquired locomotive can be controlled, functions assigned to function keys A, B and C can be switched. All other operating options of the LH01 are locked.


This is the Radio version of Set101.

  • LH101-R handheld throttle
  • LTM101 reciever

Command Stations

Main article: Manufacturer:Lenz/Command Stations

Lenz now offers version 4.0 of the LVZ200. It now supports 69 functions when used with a compatible throttle.

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Lenz FAQs

Q: Runaway Locomotives with Lenz DCC Systems

A runaway is a locomotive which will not respond to commands. It may accelerate from a stop or not respond to throttle commands while in motion.

The usual cause is a corrupted DCC signal, which forces the multifunction decoder to change from NMRA DCC Mode to an alternate power source, which in many cases is Analog DC. The decoder responds to the track voltage by maximum power to the motor.

Some Lenz DCC systems, when powered by an AC power supply, may have runaway locomotives during the power-up sequence. This is caused by noise in the AC power being applied to the track during the command station's boot up sequence, which causes a runaway. The internal DC power supply allows the noise to pass through.

Some Lenz owners will add a toggle switch between the booster output and the track to allow them to disconnect track power until the system is up and running.

Other systems may also exhibit this issue if they lack the ability to switch track power off.

For a Lenz DCC System owner, investing in a quality switching power supply which provides clean DC power will help eliminate this issue. This is true for other systems which also use an AC supply.

When selecting a power supply, as always: Read the manual for the correct voltage and current required.

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Q: How do I clear the stack on Lenz command station LVZ100?

  1. Set address on your throttle to 000 in the same manner as any other address.
  2. Press "4" about 20-28 times.
  3. At this point, a short, delayed response occurs on the LH's display.
  4. Shut off system power and wait a minute or two (any residual power can dissipate)
  5. Turn system on. The stack should have been purged and reset the command station to factory default.

If you have a Rampmeter in the circuit, after step three power to track and the display will go off for a second or two.

Any decoder address entered with an LH unit will automatically be loaded into the system stack.

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Q: Set Output Current, Lenz Power Station

This is based on the instructions for an LZV200.

Setting the Maximum Current

Factory Default is 5A.


This process will use Operations Mode Programming, with a handheld throttle.

  1. Change to program mode
  2. Select any valid locomotive address in Operations Mode
  3. Select CV7
  4. Enter a value of 50. This puts the LZV into program mode
    1. The LED on the LZV200 and any LV102/LV103 will have a double flash
  5. This mode will time out in fifteen seconds
  6. Enter a value from the table below to set the voltage
    1. The CV value is twice the desired current.

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