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Digitrax: LT1

Summary: The LT1 is included with all Digitrax Starter Sets. It consists of a harness with 6 conductor Telco type wire and a male plug, a tester with a female 6 conductor jack and a protection resistor. The LT1 can be used to test LocoNet cables, as well as multifunction decoders. While it is basic, it can indicate the motor control is working, as well as functions.

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General information
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Manufacturer Digitrax
MSRP 6.00 USD6.11 EUR <br />5.34 GBP <br />9.07 AUD <br />8.09 CAD <br />
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Has computer interface None
Firmware Upgrade Possible No
Misc Details


The LT1 uses RailSync power to check the cables. Do not leave it connected as it can destabilize your LocoNet. Cable verification is done by plugging the cable into the tester, and the other end to a Universal Panel (UP-x) to connect it to the LocoNet for power. The four LEDs should light. You must have a throttle plugged into the LocoNet when testing cables.

As the LT1 is not a LocoNet device, it should not be left connected during normal operations.

  • If two LEDs on one side don't light, there is a problem between them and the LocoNet common line on that side.
  • The two inner LEDs are the data lines. If they do not light, the LocoNet is in sleep mode or there is a problem. If only one lights, plug in a throttle and both should light. (Remove any battery from the throttle first.)
LED #1
Rail Sync + (Positive), White Wire, 6.2V
LED #2
LocoNet Data 1, Red Wire, 14.5VDC
LED #3
LocoNet Data 2, Green Wire, 14.5VDC
LED #4
Rail Sync − (Negative), Blue Wire, 6.2VDC

See LocoNet voltages for more troubleshooting infomration.

Video Tutorial

Using the Digitrax LT1 decoder tester.


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