LocoNet WiFi Interface (LNWI)

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Throttle Network:

Digitrax: LocoNet WiFi Interface (LNWI)

Summary: Digitrax created the LocoNet Wi-Fi Interface as a bridge between Wi-Fi throttles and the throttle network.

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General information
DCC Category
Throttle Network
Manufacturer Digitrax
MSRP 83.00 USD84.49 EUR <br />73.93 GBP <br />125.44 AUD <br />111.98 CAD <br />
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Manufacturer Part Number
Common Name LocoNet WiFi Interface
UPC Number 5266712005
Release information
Product URL Product Link
Manual URL Manual Link
Has computer interface
Firmware Upgrade Possible Yes
Year Released 8/2017
Year EOL
Misc Details

Digitrax offers their own bridge, the LocoNet Wireless Interface, or LNWI.

The LNWI supports 4 throttles, LocoNet supports up to 8 LNWIs, for 32 throttles in total.

It is compatible with WiThrottle and Engine Driver apps via the Hoffman WiThrottle Protocol.

It is directly connected to LocoNet, with Plug and Play installation. If offers a number of configuration and security options. For more details see the Digitrax LNWI page. It cannot be used with a LAN (Local Area Network), the only network it will connect to is LocoNet.

Digitrax has added support for the TCS Wireless Throttles. A firmware update is available to update the LNWI to support these throttles.

LocoNet WiFi Interface

LNWI or LocoNet Wifi Interface is a device that allows you to connect WiFi devices to LocoNet.

  • Wi-Fi interface to a Digitrax LocoNet
  • Connect four compatible mobile Wi-Fi devices and Apps.
    • Compatible with most Android and Apple devices running supported throttle apps
  • Works ‘out of the box’, with no additional configuration required.
  • Provides up to 32 LocoNet Throttle functionality per LNWI, with compatible apps and Command Station.
  • Up to a maximum of 8 LNWI can be supported per LocoNet, allowing up to 32 wireless devices
  • Multiple LNWI units automatically resolve SSID with no additional configuration when track power is turned on.
  • Optional Wi-Fi WPA security. This prevents unauthorized throttles from connecting (such as at a show).
  • Customize all device settings
  • LocoNet Compatible

When using the LNWI your devices will not be connected to the internet. Maximum of 4 connections, additional attempts will fail.

Connection Issues

The channel used by the LNWI must match that of the UR92.

    • The UR92 only supports channels 11 – 26 for duplex throttle operation.
    • The LNWI can only connect to channels 11 – 21.
  • The LocoNet Group Name must match between the UR92 and LNWI
  • It is possible to alter the IP address if necessary
  • Port number is 12090


The LNWI supports WPA2 to prevent unauthorized access to the network. A password is required to access the network from a wireless device.

LED Indicators

LNWI Status LEDs
LED Status Meaning
Green ID indicator mostly lit, winking OFF every 3 seconds LNWI powered and connected to LocoNet
Green ID indicator mostly off, blinking ON every 3 seconds LNWI powered and LocoNet is not connected or sleeping
Green ID indicator winks OFF LNWI received a good LocoNet Message
Red OPS indicator blinks ON LNWI received a good Wi-Fi message
Green ID and Red OPS indicators alternating blinking ON LNWI in OPSW mode
Green ID indicator blinking steady OFF/ON, OPS indicator blinking slow OFF/ON LNWI is receiving an IPL update
Green ID indicator is blinking steady OFF/ON LNWI waiting for an IPL update


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